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License FAQ

In this FAQ, we answer any questions you have around the Windward license server.

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When does the designer contact the license server?

When it starts, each time it generates a report, and when it exits.

What is meant by the designer starting/exiting?

When you start or exit Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Even if you never use the designer in Office, running Office is running the designer.

When does the engine contact the license server?

At the start of running a report to verify that your license is active. And at the end of running a report to update the license server with the number of pages generated.

Can the license server be unavailable?

The license server is running on Azure data-centers in the U.S., Europe, & Australia. If all three Azure data-centers go down, then the world is probably facing much larger problems than running your report.

What if my connection to the internet is down?

Then you cannot generate reports. If the designer has already started you can continue to design templates, but you cannot generate test output.

*** The PRO subscription (not scale out) can run for awhile without a connection to the license server.

How can I test that my connection to the license server is ok?

Go to https://license.windwardscout.net/about and you will see a status message from the license server if everything is ok. This does not test your license key, just that your computer can communicate with the license server and the license server is running properly.

With multiple servers (and databases), and multiple requests to run reports, can the data Windward has be out of date?

Yes, but to the advantage of our customers. If you run a report that hits or exceeds your scale out or overages limit, but that information is not yet written to the database, then you can run an additional report. When the additional numbers are written to the database, you are now over the maximum charge you set. In this case your bill will be the maximum and Windward throws away the additional charges.

What data does the designer & engine pass to the license server?

It passes your license key, the username the program is running under, the version of the program, MAC addresses for network interfaces on your machine, and the local IP address of the computer. On completion of a report it passes the number of pages generated. For a scale out server it may pass the datetime of previous reports generated.

Does the license server see my template and/or data?


How long is the license server down when you do an upgrade?

We have a staging environment setup that we first deploy to. It is then swapped into production. Microsoft implements this swap into production with a “Virtual IP Swap”. In effect, there will be no outages when we update the License Server. Even with no outage, we will notify customers before any update.


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