Footnotes & Endnotes can Have Tags

You can place tags in pretty much any part of a template, including in footnotes & endnotes.

Document Locking Supported in DOCX & XLSX

Any parts of a DOCX or XLSX (PowerPoint does not support this) file that are locked in the template, will be locked the same in the output.

Pixel Perfect PDF Output

Office does not fully specify how it lays out a page, which makes it impossible for any product to render PDF identical to Office. Windward has a mode where the engine will call Microsoft Office or SharePoint (for running on Java) to perform the PDF layout.

PDF 401 Supported

PDF 401 output is fully supported. This requires you use the option where Windward calls Office to generate the PDF file.

PDF/A Output Supported

Generated PDF output can be set to be PDF/A.

Processes Embedded DOCX, PPTX, & XLSX Objects

If a DOCX, PPTX, or XLSX file is embedded as an object in a DOCX, PPTX, or XLSX template (any combination), that embedded template will be processed as a sub-template, applying the same datasources and passing in all tag vars in scope. That is then included in the generated report.

Word Form Fields are Form Fields in PDF Output

Any form fields in a Word template are written as form fields in PDF & DOCX output. In addition, the value in the form can be populated from your data.

Specify Font Substitution

If a font used in the template does not exist on the server generating a report, the font to substitute can be specified.
In addition, if a glyph to be rendered does not exist in the font specified, you can specify the replacement font. This can be set distinctly for European, Bi-Directional, and Far East fonts.

Auto-Hyphenation Supported

HTML Output Supports Embedded Images

When generating HTML output, the engine can either write bitmaps as distinct files the generate HTML references, or it can embed the images in the HTML providing a single file for the output.

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