Select Data

Select Wizards

The wizards to make defining a query, SQL, XPath, JsonPath, &OData, make writing a data query easy, intuitive, andclear on whatthe results will be.

SQL Select Wizard - Automatic Joins

The SQL Wizard will automatically determine the joins between tables in the select (if the database metadata has the foreign key - primary key relationships).

Define Variables to use in the Template

Define all variables that will be passed in when run in production. With the defined variables, they can then be used in a drag/drop manner when crafting queries in the wizards.

Color Coding in the Select Editor

The query editor has color coding and type ahead to help in writing queries for advanced queries that the wizards cannot do. Or ifyou just prefer writing queries direct.

SQL Schema

SQL Schema is a method to reduce the schema of a database to just the tables/columns of interest. It also speeds up loading the database. Only needed for databases with a large schema - and a life saver for gigantic schemas.

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