Tag Tree

Provides a display of all the tags in the template, structures as they are placed in the template. Provides an easy way to see the structure, go to any tag, and see the properties of a tag.

Verify Template

The verify tool scans the template and reports any problems with the tags. Provides a way to easily go to any problem tag.

Generate Code

Designer (fka AutoTag) Generate Code tool allows you to open an existing template and, with a click of a button, automatically create a window with the code needed to run your current template with all data sources and variables in your .NET or Java project. The process is quick, shortens delivery time and helps alleviate any bumps in the road.

Error & Warning Handler

You can set specific handling for errors & warnings, either on a per-tag basis, or on the report in full.

Select Debugger

Provides a powerful tool to show all issues with a select that is failing. Makes it easy to determine what is wrong and then correct it. Provides all information from the underlying datasource about the select.

Datasource Connection Debugger

Provides a powerful tool to show all issues with a failing connection. Provides a set of all properties that can beset for the connection with the ability to adjust all of them. Provides all information from the underlying connector about why the connection failed.

Data Count

Provides a quick summation of the number of rows of data each forEach tag in the template will return. This provides a quick verification that the amount of data returned is what is expected. It also quickly shows which queries are pulling down more data than you expected.

List Imported Templates

Lists all templates imported in the generation of a report.

Template Debugger

A full-featured debugger that you can use to debug the processing of a template, including viewing all variables, single step, and breakpoints.

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