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You can now connect Windward Hub to your favorite apps to automate document-related tasks through Zapier. Create your own custom automated workflows between Hub and the apps you’re already using through Zapier.
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Google Drive



Windward Hub and Google Drive Integration

Automatically send documents from Hub to your Google Drive folder

Windward Hub easily connects to your Google Drive account to automatically upload and store your generated documents in a snap. So no more manual downloading and uploading of documents — get rid of the repetitive work and stay productive.

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  • Upload output documents from Hub to Google Drive


  • No coding/developer needed – Get started now and upload your proposals, agreements, contracts and more to your Google Drive folder
  • No more repetitive manual uploading/importing to Google Drive – banish busywork with automated document to Drive workflow
  • Save your time & effort - access your documents from a range of devices/location with Google Drive integration
  • Engage an Error-free and easy process and keep your documents safe in the cloud
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