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You can now connect Windward Hub to your favorite apps to automate document-related tasks through Zapier. Create your own custom automated workflows between Hub and the apps you’re already using through Zapier.
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Connect OneDrive to Windward Hub

Automatically send documents from Hub to your OneDrive folder.

Windward Hub easily connects to HubSpot to generate sales documents in a snap at different deal stages and extends your CRM’s ROI.

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  • Upload output documents from Hub to OneDrive


  • No coding/developer needed – Get started now and upload your proposals, agreements, contracts and more to your OneDrive folder
  • No more repetitive manual uploading/importing to OneDrive – banish busywork with automatic and instant workflow
  • Save your time & effort - access your documents from a range of devices/location with OneDrive integration
  • Engage an Error-free and easy process and keep your documents safe
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