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You can now connect Windward Hub to your favorite apps to automate document-related tasks through Zapier. Create your own custom automated workflows between Hub and the apps you’re already using through Zapier.
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Connect Typeform to Windward Hub

Automate document creation when a new form is submitted.

Windward Hub easily connects to Typeform to generate documents in a snap when you automate your form-to-document workflow -- Work less and do more with this integration.

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  • Automatically generate a document in Hub when Typeform receives a new form submission

Use case examples with Typeform Integration (to get you started):


  • Generate employment agreement from job application
  • Generate loan agreement from loan application


  • Generate invoice for form submission requesting goods or services


  • Generate receipts for donation forms


  • Generate response letters to form submission


  • Generate reports for incident report form submission
  • Generate reports for construction report form submission


  • No coding/developer needed – Get started now and empower your business users
  • No more repetitive manual entry/uploading – banish busywork while improving accuracy & compliance
  • Save your time & effort by automating the form-to-document workflow
  • Engage an Error-free and easy process
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