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Comparison of Docmosis & Windward Studios

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Docmosis believes in writing code that tells where each text or data field should be placed while with Windward you use Microsoft Word to design your template, with no programming whatsoever. If you like the idea of having to program every inch of your document, then Docmosis is the one for you. On the other hand, if you want to save time and resources creating documents, then Windward has all the right tools to help you with that task.

-- Erik P.

Comparisons & Features of Two Top Document Generation Tools

If you’re working with document generation, be aware of the plentitude of options out there. The Windward Solution and Docmosis are two of the most popular choices. Windward’s product team has created this comparison to help you understand the merits of both.

Throughout its decade of product development, Docmosis has held two things constant: it surrounds the user with absurd amounts of syntax and when the user gets stuck, provides almost no support. The amount of syntax for such a simple task is uncanny and failing to type the syntax correctly leads to an error in the document generation.

While Docmosis does have unique features, like a Cloud option, it fails to capitalize on them with its poor support systems. When a user runs into an error, Docmosis’ FAQ is largely incapable of helping the user and finding help online is nearly impossible since it lacks internet presence. Sure, you can decide to opt for Docmosis and spend absurd amounts of time typing and fixing simple syntax errors and waiting for support, but we all know how that ends: in frustration.

Windward simplifies this process by providing the user with Windward Designer and a much more reliable support system. With the help of Windward Designer, table and chart creation is quick and to the point, taking advantage of Microsoft Office and building upon it. Syntax errors become a thing of the past with Windward Designer doing the heavy lifting. The table below provides an overview of Docmosis and Windward, and its selection of key features.

Tag Creation

Creating tags in Docmosis is tedious and error prone. The lack of wizards makes tag creation limited, and I found myself constantly looking through documentation and tutorials for creating a simple table. With the extremely limited toolset that Docmosis provides, the user is left fixing simple syntax mistakes constantly and hoping for more functionality.

Windward Designer, on the other hand, is quick and easy. By simply going to the Windward Artist tab in the Microsoft Office Ribbon, the user can select from a plentitude of tag options and edit the tag properties through simple steps thanks to the Tag Editing Wizard. Once a tag has been created, Windward provides the option to save the tag within a POD, allowing for the tag and its properties to be reused in a simple and efficient manner. With these advanced reporting tools, creating a complex document is a breeze.

Docmosis template
Docmosis Template
Docmosis template
Windward Studios Template

Adding tags in Docmosis (Top) is annoying andfilled with unnecessary syntax while in Windward Designer (Bottom), you just open the DataBin in the AutoTag tab and drag and drop the data you want!


Windward Studios


Conditional Logic
Backwards Compatibility
Templates are compatible with older versions and platforms (.NET or Java).  Tags are automatically upgraded on first run.
Free form design allows users to intuitively make layout and formatting changes in Office a tool they know.  Create modern looking reports that impress clients
Simple tables, inability for charts, absurd amounts of syntax for tags, font changing takes time, hard to design template with margins, tables, text boxes, etc.
Data Selection
Drag/Drop Intuitive SQL, XPath and OData wizards make selecting data as easy as creating an email filter
Lack of wizards. Must add specific syntax to document for the engine to know what to generate.
Data Source Connectivity

All SSRS supported data sources plus...

  • File Based (XML, XLSX, Access)
  • Web Based (Salesforce, JSON, REST)
  • Big Data (MongoDB, Cassandra)
    Continued support of emerging  datasources
Data Sources

All SQL supported data sources plus...

  • File Based (XML, XLSX, Access)
  • Web Based (Salesforce, JSON, REST)


Design Environments
  • Microsoft Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • LibreOffice
  • OpenOffice
Interview Capability

Not Supported

Learning Curves

Easily design template in tools you know through the Microsoft Office Suite, create tags with drag and drop design/wizards.

Some programming in Java, C#, .NET, etc. Must remember every detail of syntax for document generation to work correctly.
Open Formats

Templates and Output created to specifications allowing editing in native applications.  Open Office and make layout changes at any time.

Output Formats


Reporting Components Reuse

Windward PODs


Windward provides the user with live support (phone, email, & forum), tutorials, free webinars, comprehensive documentation, strong internet presence, and more.

Lacks a more thorough FAQ section. Little to no internet presence, support is lacking and takes a while to contact.

Library can be deployed via .NETor Java (Office does not need to be installed)

Template Formats




Windward offers convenience and a host of ease-of-use features unavailable to Docmosis users.

With Windward you can:

  • Free your templates from formatting restrictions.
    Use Office’s styles, charts, tables, shapes, and more to add life and clarity to your documents.
  • Report as you should: directly in the native Microsoft application.
    Windward produces your document to spec so you can continue working with your documents even after generation.
  • Select your data in a single step through intuitive wizards.
    Don’t struggle getting data into your reports, let Windward’s drag and drop wizards do the heavy lifting for you.
  • Combine tags, styles, and formatting all in reusable components.
    Windward’s PODs feature allows capture of data sources, tags, text, charts or any combination of each, even entire documents.

Document Automation for high-volume output and a familiar user-friendly design environment

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