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Data-Powered Document Design within the Microsoft® Office Environment

Report Designer - Office Edition is a free-form design environment built on Microsoft® Office. Installed as add-ins for Word, Power Point and Excel it merges the mature document design capabilities of Microsoft Office with Windward's powerful data tags to create a design environment that speeds report creation and puts the power of data-powered documents in the hands of business users as well as developers.

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Report Designer Office Edition offers the power and familiarity of Microsoft Office applications plus...

  • Connect to all major data sources – SQL, XML, JSON and more
  • Multiple data sources and types supported in a single template
  • User defined variables
  • Supports complex logic properties for advanced users
  • Charts, graphs, tables
  • Query Wizards for easy access to all of your data sources
  • User defined reusable components
  • Templates within templates
  • See more below...
"There was tremendous time savings in being able to take the layouts of the old templates and just have to make minor hooks into Windward data sources and just replace the Word Form fields we were using with Windward tags. The time savings garnered by not having to have someone redo the more complicated table layouts was huge."
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Report Designer - Office Edition is an add-in for MS Office applications. This is very good news for developers, designers and business users! The combination of MS Office's rich feature set with Windward's industry-leading data tools provides an unmatched (and far too many to list) number of features that make data-powered document generation a snap!

Here are just a few:

  • Add-Ins for MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Precision Design Control - pages, elements, fonts, colors, rotation, effects, spacing...
  • Data Tags: Out, Chart, ForEach, If, Import, Link, Query, Set, Bookmark, Switch(Case)
  • Unlimited User Defined Variables
  • Data Source/Field Viewer (Data Bin)
  • Data Tag Viewer (Tag Tree)
  • Reusable Elements (PODs) - user defined, elements and data connections
  • Interactivity - link, drill, sort, filter, pivot...
  • Query Creation Wizard
  • Connect to Data Sources From Within the Report Designer Environment
  • PDF, PDF/A, and PDF/UA (universal accessibility) support
  • Charts, Graphs, Text, Images, Tables, Shapes...
  • Collaboration and Workflow - change tracking, comments...
  • Restrict Editing and Formatting - element locking and password protection
  • Templates Within Templates - for powerful reusability and workflow
  • Embedded Objects
  • Error Validation and Verification Alerts and Tools
  • XML Schema Builder - use only the data you need
  • Spelling and Grammar Tools
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Automatic font substitution
  • SQL Select and DB Connection Debugger
  • Multi-Page Documents - content and element flow across pages
  • Document Structure Control - sections, chapters, table of contents
  • Live-Data Document Preview
  • Input Parameters for Dynamic/Unique Document Output
  • Global Cascading Style and Format Control
  • Transform any Document into a Data-Powered Document Template
  • Conditional Logic - if/then, data calculations and transformations
  • Advanced Equations - formulas and functions
  • Digital Signatures, QR & Bar Codes, Maps and more via 3rd Party App Add-Ins

For over 10 years Windward has been making software that allows business users and developers to create data-powered documents of all types including: forms, proposals, statements, reports, presentations and more. Windward's novel approach allows users to "tag" elements within standard Microsoft® Office documents to be dynamically replaced with data from common data sources when output. Windward's solutions have become the leading choice for developers adding reporting and document generation capabilities to their applications in over 70 countries around the world.

Windward's solutions include scalable high-performance output engines written for .NET, Java, and RESTful  applications coupled with design environments that include Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Windward's customers regularly report savings well over 50% in template design and production costs. And, their business users enjoy being empowered to design and edit templates without having to involve development resources. Windward's "drop-in" code libraries allow developers to add best-in-class reporting and document generation capabilities to their applications in less time, by orders of magnitude, compared with other platforms or in-house development. Proudly located in Boulder, Colorado, Windward is dedicated to making reporting and document generation more effective and accessible to business users and developers everywhere.

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