Document Automation Comparisons

Reviews of the top document generation software solutions

Document Generation & Document Automation software allows users to generate, customize, edit, and produce data driven documents. These platforms pull data from third-party sources including SQL, JSON, XML, OData, CRM, ERP, etc. into templates. Document Generation applications should easily maintain brand consistency and offer conditional formatting. Documents created through these products range in functionality and can include reports, forms, proposals, legal documentation, notes, and contracts, among others.
Modern Document Automationsoftware integrates with sophisticated office applications, usually Word, Excel, & PowerPoint, to simplify the user interface and allow for the creation of visually dynamic documents with charts, images, and custom fonts/logos. This software usually includes dynamic templates, versioning, integration with content producing applications, analytics, workflow, and sometimes electronic signature integration. Document Generation software is used in multiple industries, including pharma, finance, insurance, HR, defense, and medical fields.

A Guide to Evaluating Document Generation Software Solutions

This guide will walk you through how to determine which document automation or document generation product is best for you. No one product, not even ours, is best for all use cases.
This guide only discusses the template design component. While just a part of any solution, this is generally the most important part as it’s where the lion’s share of users’ time will be spent and limitations in this restrict the types of  documents that can be created.
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Document Generation Feature Comparison

The below table provides a quick snapshot of the functionality of each of the products. There are links on each item to provide additional information as needed. This information was curated by the respected independent software review site SoftwareSuggest.

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