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A Guide to Evaluating Document Generation Software

This comprehensive guide will walk you through how to determine which document automation software or document generation software is best for you and your company.

HotDocs vs. Windward: Independent User Reviews

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We’ve gathered a collection of 3rd party reviews from users like you to help you understand the pros and cons of both document automation solutions.

Comparison: Windward vs. HotDocs (Blog)

HotDocs simplifies the process for building documents where minor details need to be changed from one customer to the next, but that is the extent of their solution.

What’s Up Doc?

This white paper breaks down common DocAuto term as well as shows you how they’re related, and introduces you to some key software programs and vendors in each arena.

Upgrade to Windward from HotDocs

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Already use HotDocs, but looking to make a switch? See how Windward stands up to HotDocs’s document automation capabilities and learn how to upgrade your software in our slide deck.

JotForm – The Complete Guide

Thousands of companies are using JotForm to create online forms. Industries like IT, healthcare and marketing usually depend on survey information but they may find it hard splitting their attention between creating forms and attending to their day-to-day work.

5 Little Known Tasks You Can Perform with JotForm

JotForm has numerous features that you may not be able to exhaust and that is understandable. There are however some that you may not know about and prove to be useful to your business.

Hub + JotForm is Here (powered by Zapier)

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Connect JotForm and Windward Hub in minutes without a single line of code (through Zapier) and automatically send information between them in real time, so no more manual data entry or errors.

Connect JotForm to Windward Hub

Get customized invoices, agreements, legal documents and more from virtually thousands of form types for any industry — Let Hub do the form to document job without you lifting a finger in real time.

Connect Typeform to Windward Hub

Windward Hub easily connects to Typeform to generate documents in a snap when you automate your form-to-document workflow.

Transform Your Legal Practice Today

Windward Hub makes your form to document automation process seamless and error-free as it integrates with popular form-builder software like JotForm, Typeform, Zoho Forms, and more.

The HotDocs Advance system, by AbacusNext, turns documents and forms into reusable templates. They offer an out-of-the-box solution as well as a customizable solution to integrate into existing systems.

Compare it with:

If you’re considering HotDocs, you might want to compare it with Windward Hub, our comprehensive hosted document automation solution. Hub centralizes the template creation process in one platform where users can upload, save, and manage templates, and even schedule their output and delivery.

From template to output to distribution, Hub helps users manage the entire life cycle of their documents by connecting with an extensive range of applications including ERP, HR, CRM, and even connects to scores of other apps like Jotform and Typeform via Zapier or Flow to automate your document to form related workflows -- from automatic output of documents using the data in forms to delivering them via email or uploading to your cloud storage account and more, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Top HotDocs Document Generation Features

  • Supports multiple datasources, processed simultaneously
  • No limitations for tag starting and ending locations
  • Basic query wizard to assist in template editing

Top Windward Document Automation Features

  • Includes advanced options for creating doclets to drag & drop into future templates
  • Multiple datasources supported & processed simultaneously
  • Processes embedded DOCX, XLSX, & PPTX objects and displays in output

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