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Automate Tedious Copy/Paste with Document Automation

Do you copy/paste data into existing files to produce new documents?

"Forgetting to copy data into the template can mean data loss, or even worse, users could receive a document with a mix of data intended for another individual."

Unfortunately, tediously copying and pasting new data into an existing document is a reality for many individuals. Companies have established copy/paste as a manual workflow to populate documents with data. The process is extremely time consuming, requiring either a master template to be manually filled with data, or replacing data from an older document with data intended for the new document. Manual tasks like these not only come at the cost of time, but mistakes are made easily and difficult to catch. Forgetting to copy data into the template can mean data loss, or even worse, users could receive a document with a mix of data intended for another individual. Some organizations might still make the decision to designate an individual to do this work, knowing that they will sacrifice time and quality, but the effort to do this manual document generation is not scalable, and as the organization grows, a new solution becomes necessary.

In its most basic form, document automation is the automation of process that once was done manually by copy/pasting new data into a pre-existing document.  All of this changes with document automation by Windward. In Windward Designer, users design a template for their output document. The template document has static formatting and logic that create consistent output results across many different records of data. Everywhere in a template that previously needed data copied into it, Windward Tags are put as place-holders for data instead. Once you’re done designing your template, output the template with the Windward Engine to generate a pixel-perfect output document with all of your data populated in place of the Windward Tags.

Templates can be designed in familiar Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and templates can be output to DOCX, PDF, XLSX, PPTX, HTML, printer, and more! For users who would like to embed document automation into their existing application, the Windward Engine can be embedded in as few as 14 lines of code and is comes in three flavors compatible with almost every coding language. For users who are looking to implement document automation without an application to embed into, Windward Solo is a standalone solution that gives users the power of document automation without writing a single line of code.

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