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Simplified Document Automation

Organizations are constantly generating important documents. Generation of complex documents takes up a lot of hours that could be spent carrying out other duties. It can even be frustrating when documents have to be produced repeatedly.

Windward’s Solo is the best document automation product to this tedious yet paramount operational task right in your favorite MS Office.

With our Solo document automation software efficiency, quality and branding can be achieved.

  • Windward Solo helps organize the creation and management of important business documents
  • The software adds a streamlined structure to document production by simplifying what would have been a complicated and time-consuming method
  • The result --- consistency, efficiency, and quality in organizational communication
  • Employees can find standardized template documents to create brand approved documents and reports at lightning speed.

With Solo at the helm, document or report content is collected from multiple sources and then processed into a single document. Some of the sources may include patented business applications, content libraries, customer databases, and XML streams. The user can then edit the document to suit their need and then render it. They can then choose their preferred templates and proceed to create different document output formats.

Document Automation and Batch Reporting

Solo adds a clockwork flow to the creation of complex documents right in MS Office using an automated process to streamline the procedure. The users are not ignored in the process as they are given the flexibility to make decisions about particular aspects of the document that will not affect quality and branding. An administrator can choose and set up specific templates for different documents like proposals, contract agreements, introduction letters, policies and so on which will be used as content for automated documents. Predetermined templates will help save time and ensure strict adherence to quality standards as well as keep complex documents up to date.

Design customized reports and documents swiftly and efficiently with the robust batch reporting feature. With just a single template you can create various documents for multiple end-users. Batch reporting also empowers the user to avail single template to create a single report that is then distributed to a group of end-users. Whether you wish to batch or schedule your documents and reports, Solo can automate and scale their document needs all within an intuitive interface!

Simplified Template Management

  • By centralizing the administration of all organizational templates and assets, reports and documents will be more consistent and up to date
  • The risk of multiple information sources that may not be accurate or relevant will be eliminated
  • Employees will spend less time looking for and gathering content for complex documents and certain tasks like IT development will not be necessary
  • Updating information for the entire organization can be done from a single location by an administrator as opposed to tedious repeated action over numerous computers.

Seamless Workflow

The process of coming up with weekly or monthly reports or documents can be complex, but by automating the process, it is super easier. Each stage can be assigned to particular participants with roles clearly defined. Include everyone responsible for different stages of designing documents in the initial stage so that the automation process is clearly understood. Gather information, structure it, review it, approve it and then distribute it by having it centralized for easy access.

Systematized Compliance

Organizations can ensure compliance with standardized communication by creating a systematic review and approval of document templates. Windward’s Solo enhances adherence to the structure and quality of documents.

It ensures each document adheres to the strict branding and quality standards of the organization by automating transactional review guidelines. You can now work with both internal and external stakeholders to make sure that the documents created remain in conformity with pre-defined guidelines.

Deliver High-Quality Documents and Reports

Windward will help produce high volumes of on-demand documents using an automation process. With Solo, batched reports and documents like customer receipts, invoices, monthly statements, annual reports and more can be generated in record time. A user can attend to a customer request for particular documents as-and-when need basis.

Windward is able to assist businesses to meet customer needs with efficiency at a fraction of the time it would take if individuals had to create their own documents.

The power to create complex business documents is placed in the hands of users with different competencies but the result is the same.

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