XML DataSource + Windward
A Match Made in Heaven

As an organization, part of your responsibility is to ensure creating documents and reports as smooth as possible using XML data source and XPath. However, this might become a challenge if you are faced with big data.

What used to be whistle-while-you-work kind of thing can stress you out.

Most companies work with XML as their core source of data. It is one of the most powerful database sources that can be well-integrated into different channels. This is why Windward ensures to address the needs of those that work with XML and XPath 2.0.

XML/XPath Feature

When XML data, along with schema to provide typing, and XPath 2.0 for effective queries work together, it can actually become as powerful as an SQL data source. In fact, Windward functions fine without schema, but can do a lot more with it to extract information pertaining to specific data types.

Windward can import the necessary data from the XML file to create reports in any MS Office application.

Create Marvelous Reports Right in MS Office With XPath Wizard

What’s good about Windward is that it does not take away the users from the applications they have already grown accustomed with. The program can be integrated with MS Office applications as a set of added features.

It will empower the users to use MS Office applications without any issues and access better functionalities that will let them import XML data files to use for their report generation.

This function is now a lot easier with Windward Report Designer’s XPath Wizard. The Wizard provides a simple and user-friendly interface to create an XPath that can range from simple to very complex.

The coolest feature of the wizard is its narrative style layout. With this, queries can be built easily and it can be viewed live side by side with the changes made. Equally significant, Windward does not make XML be like SQL (tables with columns), instead it works with the DOM tree interface managing any level of nodes, both complex and recursive types among others.

Benefits of the XPath Wizard in Windward Report Designer:

About Windward

In a nutshell, Windward is a document and report-generating tool that can be swiftly integrated (with just 13 lines of code) into existing applications for added functionality. Its goal is to ensure a hassle-free way of creating reports. Moreover, its environment is intuitive too,so you can generate documents with minimal manual work!

Features and Advantages:

For over 10 years Windward has been making software that allows business users and developers to create data-powered reports, proposals, statements, and more within Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint environments with scalable high-performance output engines written for .NET, Java, and RESTful applications. Windward is proudly located in Boulder, Colorado serving over 70 countries around the world.


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