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With more web apps than anyone else, Zapier integrated with
Windward Hub means the possibilities are limitless.
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No code
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Merge templates with data from multiple datasources
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Versioning, scheduled delivery, batch output, routing, and much more
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SaaS solution means you are up and running in minutes
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No more copy & paste, no more incorrect data in your documents, no more human error
Output documents from your favorite web apps
Windward Designer brings you all the layout and format of Microsoft Office
Template Management
Add workflow functionality via Zapier

Documents that do the thinking for you.

Create it. Deliver it. Feel awesome about it.
At the heart of Windward Hub is our famous Designer. No matter what kind of document, form or report you want to create, Windward Designer can do it. Combine that with the biggest web apps on the market and you have the power to revolutionize your business.
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New possibilities from your old apps.
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