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Fast track your data-driven document, spreadsheet, and PowerPoint generation strategy with document automation software and agile template design from Windward Studios.
No developer help necessary.
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Generate Documents
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If you already know Office, you've got this

Put template design where it belongs—in the hands of the document owner.
Built on the familiar capabilities of Microsoft Office you won’t need to rely on technical expertise to create templates with our document automation software.
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Quick to get going and quick to use

Get up and running flawlessly.
Drastically reduce the time you spend on template automation and design.
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No Limits

Customize your document format, layout, and content on-the-fly.
Combine data from multiple datasources and freely create and generate documents tailored for any audience.
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Allow your documents to
take center stage.

Windward provides a document automation solution that is fast, easy, and removes human error, transforming the way business professionals create and generate documents.

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Company logos for Sunkist, Volvo, AT&T & ToyotaCompany logos for Serco, Pfizer & HSBC

Advance your work strategies, accelerate your edge.

Computer designer capabilities

Design with data.

Merge stunning templates with data from multiple sources.
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Make Compliance Effortless.

Ensure your documents meet all corporate legal and regulatory compliance requirements without breaking a sweat.
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Output flawless documents.

Pixel perfect output in more than 18 different formats, including DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, and HTML.
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Become a design hero.

Windward Designer means anyone in your company can design stunning templates.
Windward Core is easy to stand up quickly. It comes with our “you-can’t-beat-this” Designer tool and equally winning support. So to maximize your time value, Windward frees up your time for other needs.
See what Windward Designer can do

Do you need an embedded Document Generation component for your application?

Get Windward Core.
Reliable and precise, it can be embedded into any application and accessed via any programming language. Change to “Imagine all of your docgen requirements met, and put to bed – quick & easy.
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Enables you to add advanced document generation to your application.
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Merges your data into your customizable templates to generate stunning, error-free documents.
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Embeds into your application with just 11 lines of code.
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There is no programming per template, once it’s set up just add templates.
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We've been able to save our clients between 20 and 40 percent of their time in developing these documents. They're able to build them once, make the modifications they need to, if they have to, and they're consistent.
— Mike Horrocks, VP of Product Management at Baker Hill
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Learn how beautiful document automation
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