Data-powered smart document generation

Visually Stunning Designs

Our platform provides all the capabilities and tools to create incredibly beautiful layouts and eye-catching designs. The only limit is your imagination.

Smart Document Logic

Introducing document generation for the 21st century. With our conditional logic functionality, you can customize your document content in line so you can easily create personalized documents tailored for any audience. Welcome to the new world of ‘Smart Documents'.

Massive Time Savings

Ready to have your new templates created sooner so you can better keep up with the speed of business? With Windward’s solution, you can design templates quickly (often in minutes) and don’t have to be a programmer to do it.

Incredibly Intuitive Interface

With the ability to design, customize, and edit documents within the familiar Microsoft Office Suite, our platform is designed to make your experience frustration-free from start to finish.

Streamlined Cost Savings

From reducing resources needed for development to overall decreased developer time, we streamline your template creation and document generation process, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Stop waiting to invest in your next big idea.

See How Windward Studios Stacks Up

See the Many Datasources Supported

Using multiple datasources? We have you covered!

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