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Windward Hub gives you more.

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No code
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Merge templates with data from multiple datasources
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Versioning, scheduled delivery, batch output, routing, and much more
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SaaS solution means you are up and running in minutes
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Native integration with your favorite SaaS applications and over 1800 apps via Zapier
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Generate documents in DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, HTML, and many many more formats
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Full document automation for all your needs from a single location
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Windward Designer brings you all the layout and format of Microsoft Office

Windward Hub Love.

We love the ability to design templates within Microsoft Office, because of how simple it is.
— Mike Horrocks, VP of Product Management at Baker Hill
You won't need training, because you design and edit templates within an already-familiar platform: Microsoft Office.

Windward makes it quick, easy, and cost efficient.

Whatever you want to create, Windward Hub can do it. By far the most flexible tool for creating templates that are exactly what you want.

If you work with documents, you need to be working with Windward Core.

Computer designer capabilities

Merge data with design

With flexible tagging that ties your data to the template (specified in Office), and near universal datasource support, you can set up templates that anyone using your application can use to create, edit, and share templates.
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Multiple datasource support

Windward Core not only supports multiple datasources in a single template, but the queries of any datasource can use data returned from a different datasource, providing the ability to essentially join data from dissimilar datasources.
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Deliver documents in most any format

Windward Core can generate output in 18 different formats including DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, HTML, and direct to printer. And in each case, you get pixel perfect output.
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Embed value without the cost of developing your own solution

Increase the functionality of your applications and watch your return on investment skyrocket as you save time and money with easy-to-use document generation software.
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The Global Leader in Reporting Solutions

Revolutionize your reporting (and document generation)

From a comprehensive SaaS or desktop solution, to seamless integration in your CRM or custom apps, we have you covered.

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Visually Stunning Designs

Our platform provides all the capabilities and tools to create incredibly beautiful layouts and eye-catching design—only limited by your imagination.

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Smart Document Logic

You can customize your document content and format "on-the-fly" so you can automatically create documents tailored for any audience from just one template.


Massive Time Savings

Ready to have your new templates created sooner so you can better keep up with the speed of business? With Windward’s solution, you can design templates quickly (often in minutes) and don’t have to be a programmer to do it.

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Incredibly Intuitive Interface

With the ability to design, customize, and edit documents within the familiar Microsoft Office Suite, our platform is designed to make your experience frustration-free from start to finish.

cost savings

Streamlined Cost Savings

From reducing resources needed for development to overall decreased developer time, we streamline your template creation and document automation process, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Stop waiting to invest in your next big idea.

template generation


Did you think it was impossible to automate a document without a masters in computer science? Well, it used to be, but not anymore. With the Windward Designer embedded in Microsoft Office, anyone can automate their business documents.

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Most documents require teamwork and approval. You know this, we know this, it’s about time we both did something about it! Windward Hub is built for collaborating on documents, getting the approval you need, and smooth release of new documents and changes, all with no code.

cost savings


We believe a small change to existing documents should take minutes. We believe big changes should take minutes too! Why don’t all documents work like this? The point of document automation is to save time, so Windward Designer makes maintaining existing documents the easiest part of your week.

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If there were ten of you, then you could make all these documents manually. But wouldn’t it be easier if all that work was done for you instantly and with no mistakes?
Don’t worry, you’ll still get to take the credit!

document creation

A Document Legacy

Windward is the global leader in document automation solutions, and our legacy software is #1 on Capterra with a 4.8/5 rating. While Windward Hub is new, the Windward legacy it is built on is a standard for quality document automation. We look forward to bringing our expertise to new users with Hub.

Document Automation is Changing

Back in the old days only IT gurus willing to spend months on coding and debugging could develop an automated document, and it wasn’t just the first draft that was hard to make. Every additional change could mean weeks of development work. Something as small as changing your document margins would delay delivery of a document change.
And then it all changed when Windward created the Designer: a no-code/low-code document design tool embedded in Microsoft Office. Not only did this make documents smarter, it also let anyone design a smart document. But smart documents were still restricted to companies who had already built their own application, and releasing a new document still got stuck in development processes. That means users may have to do an entire release of their application just to deploy changes to their documents!
Now in the future of document automation, just having a smart document isn’t enough. Users need documents connected into SaaS apps they use every day. On the document end user side, companies need on-demand output from their everyday SaaS applications and documents that are automatically output and delivered. At the same time they need to be able to release a new document to their users with minimum effort, and document changes need to be easy to make, review, and release.

How are we changing with it?

Windward Hub is our response to changing document automation needs. Hub is self contained document automation for users with no existing automation technology. It is SaaS so it can be accessed anywhere and is hassle free to manage.
Hub integrates with 3rd party apps so that all aspects of your business can be extended with document automation, and Hub also provides a public API so technical users can make custom extensions of Hub if they want to.
Hub flips the paradigm of smart documents being trapped inside existing applications and makes our document automation available to anyone, because everyone should be able to  have better documents in less time.

We hope you’ll join us in the future of document automation.

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