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Document generation will no longer be an IT-driven task but a Business-user driven initiative. Eliminate the technical challenge of designing and creating a document with Windward Core
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Document Generation with Windward Core - From an IT Driven Initiative to Business-user Simplified Task

If you work with documents, you need to be working with Windward Core - the best document generation solution on the market. Enterprises, ISVs, OEMs, and System Integrators can easily embed Core into existing or new applications for a completely customized document generation solution.

Core – The Easiest to Use and the Quickest to Get Up to Speed

Windward Core consists of an intuitive template designer and a powerful Engine that connects your data and document templates using your business logic for fast, error-free document generation. It is designed to be virtually integrated or embedded into any application. With just a few lines of code it can interface with any type of application you use. The setup is straightforward - it can be downloaded, set up, and configured in a matter of hours, not days or weeks like other solutions.

Core Uses What You HAVE (Datasources) and KNOW
(Microsoft Office)

Whether the document or report you’re looking to create has specific formatting and layout that's needed to meet industry-specific compliance/regulatory requirements or if there’s a need for a combination of charts, tables laid out well (just as you imagined) Windward Core doesn’t disappoint you as it works right in MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Your business users will take over document creation in no time as Core can be self-taught quickly.

Besides, you can connect it to an extensive range of datasources (over 150) besides the standard ones - SQL, XML, JSON, Odata, etc. and output documents in a wide range of formats including but not limited to — DOCX, PDF, HTML, PPTX, etc.

Windward Core Gets Smarter as Your Use Case Gets Tougher!

Create any kind of document or report you can imagine! Do you need a document generation software that can keep up with your complex document requirements, then count Windward Core in.

Whether you need sub-templates (frequently used sections like header, footer, etc.) within the new templates or need multiple datasources combined together in a single document or you want complex business logic involved - eg: if these two XY conditions are met then one type of document, Else another kind of document with unique information --- It’s now drag and drop easy and Windward Core is up to the task all while ensuring consistency.

Eliminate the Technical Challenge of Designing and Creating a Document with Core

Free up your developers for other crucial tasks. You don't have to rely on IT anymore to create or make modifications to documents. Let your business users and document owners take control of the whole design to generation process.

Your document generation tasks will transform from an expensive, time-consuming problem to almost invisible -- you'll begin to wonder ‘how did I ever live without Core.’

In a nutshell, what would have taken great effort or been impossible with any other document generation product is Trivially Easy with Windward Core. Try it before you buy - Get your 30-day free trial of Windward Core and build that proof of concept right today!

Try it before you buy - Get your 30-day free trial of Windward Core and build that proof of concept right today!

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