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Time Value

Put Windward to work on day one and start saving time.

Get up and running immediately

With Windward Core, our embedded document generation component, you can incorporate it into your application in under 30 minutes (it’s 11 lines of code).

Eliminate dependency on IT

It’s so easy to design your own templates, the designer can be any business user. You don’t have to wait for IT resources to be available to design your template, or wait for a developer to make iterative revisions every time you have changes. You do it all yourself, exactly the way you want it and eliminate the wait.

Create templates in 1/10th the time of other solutions

Windward Designer is not only more powerful than alternatives, but it is so simple and easy, you’ll be creating templates ten times faster. This time savings continue, day after day, month after month, year after year.
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Add data and customize in a few clicks

Connect to all of your datasources from your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint template. Then customize your content, based on your data, right in Microsoft Office. This includes business logic for the template, any kind of conditional logic, populating charts, and more. Everything is in the template. It is truly a no code solution.
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The fastest output in pages per second

Windward delivers your super smart beautifully designed documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to pretty much any output format (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, HTML, and many more). And did we mention it's fast?
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