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Your low code embedded document generation problem solver.

Get the most advanced document generation to embed into your application.

ISVs, Enterprises, and System Integrators can embed document generation into your existing application for a completely customized document generation solution. With powerful docgen capabilities that are this easy to use, business users will happily take over template design.

After just 11 lines of code, nothing else is required.

Unlike most alternatives, Windward requires no programming on a per template basis. Once Windward Core is embedded in your application, you simply upload your DOCX, XLSX, or PPTX template and you’re ready to go. There is nothing else required. You will not have to add code, test it, stage it, and release it, saving you massive amounts of time.

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Data-enriched documents

Merge data with design

With flexible tagging that ties your data to the template (specified in Office), and near universal datasource support, you can set up templates that anyone using your application can use to create, edit, and share templates.
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Multiple datasource support

Windward Core not only supports multiple datasources in a single template, but the queries of any datasource can use data returned from a different datasource, providing the ability to essentially join data from dissimilar datasources.
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Deliver documents in most any format

Windward Core can generate output in 18 different formats including DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, HTML, and direct to printer. And in each case, you get pixel perfect output.
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Create any kind of document you can

Any industry or department:

Sales: Create compelling individualized collateral
Lending: Build detailed loan documents
Insurance: Build complete insurance policies
Finance: Create complex portfolio statements
HR: Generate all individual paperwork from letters to benefit statements
Pharmacovigilance: Insure reports match strict compliance requirements
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Any document:

Loan agreements
HR letters
Compliance documents & reports
PowerPoint quarterly reports
Bills & Invoices
Marriage licenses
More document types

People adore Windward Core.

"We are amazed by the extensive range of document templates available in just a few clicks."
Designed and pre-configured with connections to remote datasources, the template library is a dream come true.
"We can develop any report at least five times faster."
Using tags like forEach, if, switch, out, chart, and many others you can insert conditions that let you quickly dial in and dial up all your docs.
“Windward has no limitations on the number of datasources or number of pages a template can have. “
Providing simple access to complex data, the wizards work their magic so you can incorporate data from any source.

Yes! I want Windward Core.

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