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Enterprise clients ready for efficient and easy-to-use document automation, let us introduce you to our powerful Windward Core (embedded docgen) solution, with our easy & powerful Windward Designer.

Our software brings brings powerful enterprise document automation to the programs you already use while eliminating costly back-and-forth between developers and business users, saving time while delivering visually stunning results that are sure to please everyone.

No hassle, lower costs, and stunning end results... aren't you ready for Windward?

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Don't Just Take Our Word for It: Customer Reviews

"We've been able to save our clients between 20 and 40 percent of their time in developing these documents. They're able to build them once, make the modifications they need to, if they have to, and they're consistent. It's been a really positive experience for them. I had one client who said they're seeing upwards of 60 percent improvement in terms of the time and effort needed to generate the documents that they need to for their clients." - Mike Horrocks, VP of Product Management, Baker Hill

Smart Document Capabilities: Customization Made Easy

With our business logic features, enterprise clients are able to easily customize their use of our products to best meet their needs. Easily insert any of the eleven data tags available to create thousands of tailored reports with the click of a button. Help your clients accumulate critical time and cost savings with smart documents.

Our client LeBlanc’s Food Stores cut 1,200 hours of HR time from their hiring process using just a few data tags within their document templates. Our tags can import templates that are also tagged, expanding ranges in Excel formulas to match the data, calculate weekly revenues, using special characters, and much more. All the user has to do is insert their desired tags into a template and the Report Engine takes care of the rest.

One U.S. governmental agency found that deploying Windward’s solution cut costs by 90%. Their developers were able to integrate and test Windward within 48 hours of approval with the support of our easy integration and user-friendly platform. Users can also edit and generate reports independently, saving the agency time and money while elevating the professionalism and style of the end documents.

“Windward is the core piece that makes this happen...I’m a non-programmer, and I was able to write this application. Windward is the solution that allowed me to come in and hit our budget right on the money.”

-Arland Head, Director of LeBlanc Food Stores
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