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Customer Quotes

"The support page on their website is one of the most extensive support catalogs of any software I've ever seen."
Gregory B., geoAMPS
"Windward customer service is excellent. Always got a response within hours and fixes or guidance quickly."
Ian Neill, Data Group Developer, Envision Pharma Group
"In the set-up we had a few questions on some very detailed modifications and the customer service was amazing!!!! It was very easy and turn around time on customer requests was the best we have experienced."
Ted Peters, COO, ButtonIntel
"The flexibility of the tool is one of the most likable parts of Windward, along with the great support response time."
Vivek Sethia, CEO and cofounder, B2-USA
"I would recommend Windward Reports to other companies, not just because it is a nice product, but also because the Windward Reports technical support team listens to customers' needs and responds very fast."
Michael Bjerregaard Pedersen, Backbone Digital Systems
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