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System Integrators

Impress Your Clients with Powerful Data Capabilities

Partnering with Windward provides System Integrators with an easily-integrated application that streamlines projects and keeps their customers coming back for more. Rather than build a document automation solution from scratch, utilize our proven solution and delight your customers with our powerful data capabilities, smart document logic, and elegant designs. Stand out from the crowd with the highest customer satisfaction.

Rave Reviews from System Integrators

"Windward's interface is quite user-friendly. I have helped more than a dozen of my clients get up to speed on how to use the Windward Designer. In all cases, two to three days is all you need to have somebody be proficient enough to start creating templates. There is very little training required, and the more technical you are, the quicker you'll pick it up. Even nontechnical individuals have had no issues getting up to speed on the product, its use, and to be able to start creating templates."

Hit Mistry
Vice President
PSC Group, LLC

"Our business users who are like business consultants in our company are now able to design documents together with our customers. Before, the business consultants were only able to draw up specifications which had to be sent to the technical guys who would actually create them. We eliminated one step in the whole process of development."

Juriaan Kloeck
IT Implementation Consultant
BearingPoint Caribbean

Save Valuable Time with Our Intuitive Interface

Document automation is Windward's core business, and we focus our resources and time accordingly. Using Windward's solution not only increases the value of an OEM's application to their end client, but erases the sunk cost of building and maintaining new document generation capabilities. How much time can you save? Many of our OEM customers will revise document templates right on their demo call, enjoying instant editing capabilities to create stunning document designs. Trust Windward to provide your clients with beautiful documents and increased document automation capabilities—and to give you back critical time to focus on your company's competitive advantage.

Our Certified System Integrators

“Speed to market: that is the crux of it for me. Windward is very easy to get up and running, and we go from A to Z without the headaches.”

-Graeme Gets, CEO, Digital Keystone Limited

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For over 10 years, Windward has lead the industry with our world-class document generation platform that creates visually stunning, data-powered documents designed exactly the way users want and are created in a fraction of the time and cost compared to existing solutions. Proudly located in Boulder, Colorado, Windward Studios is the premier solution for developers and business users adding reporting and document generation capabilities to their applications in over 70 countries around the world.

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