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Offer Stunning Documents with an Amazing template Designer Within Your Product

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Thrill Your Prospect and Clients without the Costs of Developing Your Own Solution

Are you seeking opportunities to bring even more value to your applications without adding to your development team's workload? Look no further than Windward. Your clients will love our additional document automation capabilities and beautiful document designs, while you'll value the convenience of buying instead of building new features.

Windward's solution allows ISVs/OEMs to bring even more value to their applications without adding an unsustainable amount of responsibility to their development team's workload. With Windward, you no longer have to design templates and generate reports for your customers—they can do it themselves! Exit the template design business and sell more while providing beautiful, stunning document generation to your customers.

Competitive Advantage

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Learn how you can leverage document automation as a compelling competitive advantage.

Decrease Developer Time and Streamline Cost Savings

Document automation is our core business and we dedicate our resources accordingly. Using our solution not only increases the value of your application to your end client, but eliminates the sunk cost of building and maintaining new document automation capabilities. How much time can you save? Trust Windward to let your clients create beautiful documents with increased docgen capabilities—and to grant you critical time savings to spend on your competitive advantage.

Build vs. Buy: Seven Key Considerations

When trying to determine if buying vs building is the better approach, we suggest thinking about these seven key considerations. Which approach will enable your business to deliver the best product possible and increase your sales?

For one of our ISV clients, Windward was the clear winner. Axe Group used the Windward Report Engine to dramatically reduce the time necessary to create new documents from 1-2 full business days to an hour or less. The effects of Windward's solution on their business cascaded beyond their immediate internal needs, helping them land new clients and keep their current customer base happy. Other clients report similar benefits to their businesses while using Windward.

Are you ready to impress your customers? Deliver any report or smart document imaginable, inserting business logic directly into templates to easily integrate data in the blink of an eye. Increase your sales and thrill your clients by providing stunning document designs.

“The quality of the layouts and designs is second to none. Windward's ability to help us generate templates, for which we can actually tag documents, is the key feature we use.”

-Valarie King-Bailey, CEO, OTG
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