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Engine FAQ

In this FAQ, we answer any questions you have about Windward Engine Document Automation.

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How does my Engine license work with my production, development, testing, staging, and fail-over servers?

All need to be licensed. If you have many environments then perhaps paying per report may be best for your deployment.

What is the RESTful Engine and why would I use it?

The RESTful Engine lets you generate & automate documents from an application using a programming language other than Java or the .NET family of languages. To access the RESTful Engine, you make a Web Service call from your application. With the RESTful Engine, the document generation is not married to the application. The application makes a call to the RESTful Engine server and the RESTful Engine returns the desired output.

How are embedded engines (Java and .Net) licensed?

Java and .NET Engines are licensed per server and the number of cores running on each instance of the application server.

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