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CodeObjects Significantly Shortens DocGen Cycle with Windward

"Switching to Windward helped us reduce the time it takes to create documenttemplates by about 80%. Overall it provided a great advantage to us in thiscompetitive landscape." — Anil Annadata, CEO, CodeObjects


An insurance process management software company updated its document generation tool from Adobe LiveCycle® to the Windward Embedded Solution and saw the time required to create document templates slashed from about 3 weeks to a mere 2-3 days. In addition, the amount of time needed to configure complex form generation rules was reduced by more than 80%.

The Company

CodeObjects is a cloud-based SaaS solution for insurance process management that provides complete automation, from quote to renewal, and goes beyond the core of policy, billing and claims to include all the ancillary functions. Founded by Anil Annadata in 2006, CodeObjects’s mission is to level the competitive playing field for small- to mid-size insurance carriers.

The Challenge

Insurance applications are extremely complex. Not only must insurance companies meet state and federal regulations, they must also create hundreds of lengthy documents to send to customers. The generation of so many documents can be an expensive and complicated process.

Many smaller insurance companies do not have the technical expertise or staffing to do this in-house, so in order to meet regulatory and customer needs they rely on one of the ancillary services that CodeObjects provides as part of its InsuranceEnterprise solution: insurance document generation.

CodeObjects had been using Adobe LiveCycle to create each template. But many of the original documents they were receiving were in Microsoft® Word. CodeObjects had to convert all of these documents from Word to Adobe.

In addition, because many of the documents contained linking and dynamic fields, programmers were spending inordinate amounts of time writing complex scripts for calculators.

The Solution

CodeObjects began looking for alternatives. The technical team researched the market and discovered several Word-based document generation solutions. After downloading evaluation copies and creating sample documents, they sent CEO Anil Annadata a report with their recommendation to select Windward.

“We chose Windward because of its integration with Microsoft Word,” Annadata said. “You don’t have to be a coder to create templates. That is the most critical aspect and Windward does it great.”

“The ability to create the business rules within the document is really nice,” he continued. “Template designers create rules, for example, that say that if field A has data X, then field B has data Y. Windward has the best solution for this because it is easy to implement these rules.”

Windward offers many different forms of licensing to its ISV partners to help fit with the specific needs of their customers, and CodeObjects opted for license keys that allowed use based on report quantity.

Windward’s engineers worked closely with CodeObjects’ developers to support the integration of the solution into their SaaS product.

The Results

Since implementing Windward, CodeObjects has saved quantifiable time in key document generation processes, benefiting both the insurance solutions provider and its customers.

  • Faster document template creation by about 80%. Annadata notes that prior to Windward, it would take an average of 3 weeks to create a single template. That process now takes roughly just 2-3 days.
  • Faster, less complicated dynamic field creation. The time needed to configure complex form generation rules was reduced by more than 80% because of AutoTag’s built-in tags and equations.
  • Faster customer deployment by roughly a factor of 3. Annadata estimates that prior to Windward, customer deployment took an average of 1 month. Today, deployment can occur in 5-10 days.
  • Shorter customer learning curve. Customers are able to learn the Windward tool by about 70% faster, on average, compared to the Adobe product. Not only do customers save money because initial template development costs are lower, but once the system is live, customers can modify the templates themselves in a familiar Word-based interface, further saving time and money.

“Switching to Windward helped us tremendously,” Annadata summed up. “Overall it provided a great advantage to us in this competitive landscape.”

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