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Create Awesome Reports from MySQL Data with Windward

Create amazing, data-rich MySQL reports using Windward!

Windward and MySQL

SQL and SQL-based databases like MySQL utilize many tables in order to properly organize the data being queried. When creating a document like a report or statement with the data in your SQL servers, you'll want to make it more visually appealing than what the default settings of the SQL database allows.

With the right template designer, you can create beautiful reports with great layouts, even with large amounts of data. In fact, you can make your datasets even more comprehensive if you use the right design and visiual elements in your reports. Windward is the answer! Our reporting software empowers users to create stunning reports and avoid confusion about using the MySQL database.

Connect to Your SQL Datasource with Windward

How Does Windward Help You Create Beautiful MySQL Reports?

Windward can be installed as a plugin to your existing application. This means you can generate reports using an application that you are already familiar with.

Windward is a seamless add-in to Microsoft Office. It adds options and settings that make document automation easier and faster. Here are a couple of advantages to using our tool with MS Office:

Instead of developing a separate software program to create the reports we have developed a plugin that can be installed in other applications! This means that you can design reports using an application that you are already familiar with. Only this time, there are added features brought about by the installation of Windward tools.

  • Limitless options for template designs using Microsoft Office.
  • You can swiftly create a report using Windward’s query wizard, even if you have no development experience!
  • Compatible with almost all SQL database like Access, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SQLite, and many more.
  • You can import and call data from different databases and join them together in a single file.

About Windward

Windward's employees are always searching for better solutions to make reporting even more efficient. For years, we have led the industry by continuously releasing software and updates to aid the different reporting needs of businesses in a wide range of industries. We focus on solving issues with report generation and data handling. We want every business to improve their operations and management through our innovative reporting tools and software.

If you've just discovered us, we're excited. Try Windward with our 30-day free trial and start creating documents in quick time with our low/no code solutions.

A Brief Background about MySQL

MySQL is an RDBMS or relational database management system that is based on SQL or the Structured Query Language. MySQL is compatible with many platforms like UNIX, Linux, and Windows. There are basically countless applications that utilize MySQL but they are more commonly known and associated with online publishing and web applications.

The core of MySQL is the MySQL server. This server handles every single database command or instruction.It is normally available as a different program to be used in an environment with a client-server network. Moreover, it is also available as a library that an be easily embedded at the back-end of applications.

MySQL was developed as a solution to the issue of handling a huge amount of data in big databases. Most companies just install MySQL in one computer but it can actually send the database to various locations with users being able to access it seamlessly even with different client interfaces.

Document Automation for high volume output and a familiar user-friendly design environment

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