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Integrating Oracle with Windward to Produce High-Quality Reports

Windward helps you create outstanding reports using Oracle data source.

Oracle and Windward

Windward knows Oracle’s data sources like the back of the hand. In fact, we are so familiar with the wide range of products that the company offers that we worked to create a seamless integration of the SQL databases from Oracle.

Most SQL databases are actually made with a lot of tables of data and information.But, if you are creating reports to be presented to non-technical people, these would not be of any help. Traditionally, SQL is made for developers but it contains information and data useful for other aspects of the business environment.

So,Windward has made it easier with the introduction of our seamless Template Designer to create quick Oracle reports for better insights.

With Windward at the Helm of Creating Oracle Reports

You can create reports from the array of data in SQL and layout them in a comprehensive and visually-appealing manner.

Besides, it comes as a plugin or an add-on to Microsoft Office!Windward knows that you would prefer using an application that you are already familiar with than to try and learn a whole new program from scratch.

This is why we developed a plugin that can be easily installed to MS Office and do the core work in the Office platform itself. This allows even a non-technical person without any profound knowledge to generate amazing reports without worrying about any confusing technical terms.

The plugin comes with a smart Wizard that comes handy to those who are not well-versed in the technicalities of the database. Even when you are working with the most complicated databases, you can create reports that are beautiful in a few minutes with just a few clicks! Here are a few more benefits that you can get with the Template Designer:

  • Literally endless template designs using MS Office applications
  • DBAs and developers can speedup their performance while business users can create one without hassle.
  • Widely compatible with almost every SQL database such as Oracle, MySQL, DB2, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and many more
  • Has the ability to consolidate multiple databases and join them in one file. Moreover, there is also the option to add in XML, JSON, and more

About Windward

Windward has always been the front runner when it comes to providing business solutions, specifically for report generation. For more than 10 years, we have released a wide range of products that address almost every business need in one way or another.

Our flagship product is our Template Designer and among the customers that we have served, a majority of them say that they were able to save considerable time in creating and designing report templates, resulting in lesser production costs.

Oracle Background

Oracle has to be one of the biggest vendors in the world of enterprise IT. Its flagship product, an RDBMS or a relational database management system called the Oracle Database is now widely used in a lot of corporate IT systems. From just being a simple database, it is now used as a support for different business transactions such as transaction processing, analytics applications,and business intelligence.

Back in 1979, the company was the very first enterprise to release a commercial RDBMS platform. And, they did it with huge revenues. The company had a 40%revenue share of the world’s software sales in 2016.

Through the years, Oracle continued to expand their portfolio and even acquired many external assets. Today, the company is also selling other databases along with computer systems, development tools, and even data storage equipment.

Oracle and SQL

One of the most notable acquisitions of Oracle is the wide range of SQL-based products. Among these, its most well-known one is MySQL which was acquired from Sun Microsystems, Inc. back in 2010.

MySQL is a well-known open-source database that is a component of the LAMP software stack that is mainly used for web applications. The other components in this stack include the Linux OS, the Apache web server, and PHP, Perl, or Python as its programming language. Aside from the free community edition, Oracle is also selling a commercial version of MySQL with a few additional features.

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