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SQL + Windward: The Perfect Combination for Insightful Reporting

Create beautiful SQL database reports using Windward reporting software.

How Does It Work?

We all know how SQL databases are made up of visually unappealing and boring table sets to display information and data. At some point, this data will need to be evaluated but getting them right out of SQL will be very impractical.

It would only be the technical people that can understand what the data means. This defeats the main purpose of reporting. But with Windward, a business can benefit from its ability to transform data-centric files into awesome reports complete with visual designs.

The main component that enables this is Windward’s Template Designer. Now, when we talk about tools, the first thing that comes to our mind is the hassle of learning something new from scratch.

But, Windward eliminates all that tough learning curve...

Here’s how:

Instead of requiring its users to train and learn a new program, the tool integrates well into applications that a user is already familiar with. One good example of this is MS Office. There is no single business that does not use MS Office in creating documents for their company. Through the years, business users have become masters in using the different programs under the MS Office Suite.

Windward’s Template Designer is actually a plugin or an add-on that can be connected and integrated into MS Office in just a few simple steps. When the tool is successfully installed, MS Office applications will now run with added features from Windward.

What’s even better — Windward’s Template Designer comes with a powerful wizard that will guide even the most basic user on how to create reports through the importation of SQL databases. One would not need to be totally knowledgeable in SQL and other database aspects to create or generate a beautiful report.

Myriad Benefits Windward’s Template Designer Offers:

  • The creative freedom of making your own templates from scratch using the familiar features of the MS Office applications.
  • As the user will work in an application they are already familiar with, creating reports is now faster. In fact, DBAs who deal with databases on a regular basis can increase their efficiency.
  • The tool is also widely compatible with a lot of RDBMS such as Access, DB2, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, SQL Database, Microsoft SQL Server, and many others.
  • If you are an advanced user, you will have the ability to seamlessly combine data from different databases and put them together in a nicely laid out template in a single file.

If you are looking for the most efficient and time-saving solution to create reports and make them available and comprehensible to the staff in your organization, you may want to consider Windward and its array of smart and swift reporting solutions.

Connect to Your SQL Datasource with Windward

About Windward

Windward has been operating for more than a decade now. Since then, the company has been developing software programs for a specific aspect of business operations — creation and generation of reports for documentation and proper business management.

Windward knows how critical it is for the whole organization to get a clearer understanding of the current data. This is why we have made it our mission to create tools that enable technical and non-technical people alike to create visually-appealing reports out of the information available in SQL databases.

Today, Windward is continuously tapping into the global market with hundreds of companies from over 70 countries integrating Windward solutions in their IT systems. Its success is primarily brought about by the definite testimonies of users saying that they have saved more than 50% of their production costs and reduced time spent while increasing the value and quality of the reports generated with the help of Windward’s tools.

As Windward continues to find solutions and make it available to developers and business users around the world, it envisions itself as the leading provider of report generation solution.

If you've just discovered us, we're excited. Try Windward with our 30-day free trial and start creating documents in quick time with our low/no code solutions.

A Brief Background about SQL

As you may already know, SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is now considered as the standard programming language in building and managing databases, as well as, allowing actions and operations to be performed on the data that is contained in these databases.

The status of SQL —as the standard programming language for all relational databases back in the 1970s up until the early years of 1980s. SQL is primarily composed of different table sets containing pertinent data arranged in columns and rows.

Because it was built to be used by developers and DBAs or database administrators, the creators of SQL did not originally feel the need to develop a more visual approach to the environment inside it. Its primary purpose was to organize data, nothing more and nothing less.

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