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The best way to get to a successful close is to begin your contract generation process on the right foot. Delays in the process happen frequently as it can be challenging to reinvent your contract creation workflow every time there’s a new agreement – just doesn’t make business sense!
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No more – Fast-track your contract generation process with Windward.

Our contract generation software helps you get rid of the error-prone, slow, manual process by automating it. Whether it is a sales or service contract, legal contract or employment contract, use our automatic contract generator to speed up the process.

Sales Reps Can Now Close More Deals - Get to
Closed-Won Quicker

With our contract automation software, sales reps can generate professional looking contracts using up-to-date templates that contain the latest contract version (updated clauses/language) and can be quickly personalized to suit the customers’ needs in just a few clicks. So, they have more time and focus on initiating conversations and closing deals.

Create and Deploy
Pre-approved Templates

Create, configure, and save custom templates for your most frequent types of contracts – NDAs, SOWs, MSAs – thereby giving you total control over your contract generation activity. Those who create the contract can then use the pre-approved templates thus avoiding contract risks due to outdated language or unapproved clauses and over-reliance on legal. All of which can slow down the process, especially when time is of the essence to close a deal.

Merge Data from CRMs and other External Systems

Windward works with CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce and over 150 more external datasources to capture the customer information for creating the contract automatically. In essence, auto-populate contracts with data from other CRMs and other sources in your preconfigured templates

Do Business Faster and Improve Customer Experiences

With Windward you can effectively eliminate bottlenecks to get the job done faster with accuracy and in the process exceed customer expectations with a transparent and accelerated contracting experience.
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Generate polished, professional-looking, error-free contracts today!

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