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Whether you're creating sales contracts, shareholder agreements, proposals, invoices, or research reports, automating documents with Windward is fast and easy. Connect with a couple clicks to 150+ datasources, customize your template, and generate and distribute in popular formats like DOCX, XLSX, PDF, HTML, and even directly to your printer.

Customized Templates

Low-Code/No-Code. Even non-programmesr can instantly create and customize templates with user-friendly options like tags, drag & drop options, select wizards, and more. You can even apply multiple datasources to the template and fill it with relevant content.

Save Hours

Document issues account for over 20% productivity loss and 80% of employees lose time every day. With our best document automation software, you can turn the tables and save annually up to 6,000 hours due to enhanced staff productivity.

Super Savings

Document automation reduces the cost of generating documents with an average savings of $1-5 per document. You can expect to save up to 40% or even more as it takes little time and effort to create thousands of documents in just minutes using automation.

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Valarie King-Bailey, CEO at OTG
Valarie King-Bailey, CEO at OTG
JC L., National GIS Manager, NCC
Robert S., Strategic Program Manager, Hospital & Health Care
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