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Intuitive Interface

Design, Customize, and Edit documents within the Microsoft Office Suite. Windward is designed to make your experience frustration-free.

Time Savings

Keep up with the speed of business. Windward’s platform allows you to design templates effortlessly (often in minutes) and you don’t have to be a programmer.

Smart Doc Logic

Customize your document content and format on-the-fly. Automatically create documents tailored for any audience from just one template.

Stunning Designs

Our platform provides all the tools and capabilities to create incredibly beautiful layouts and eye-catching designs. The only limit is your bright imagination.

Streamlined Savings

Reduce the resources needed for development and decrease developer’s time spent. Our streamlined automation platform results in significant cost and time savings.

Effortless Integration

Our free-form design environment operates cohesively within Microsoft Office Suite in a familiar workspace that doesn’t require any coding experience.

What Everybody is Saying

Valarie King-Bailey, CEO at OTG
Valarie King-Bailey, CEO at OTG
JC L., National GIS Manager, NCC
Robert S., Strategic Program Manager, Hospital & Health Care
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