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“Engage Windward as your letter generation software to automate error-free, personalized letters so you can spend more time initiating engaging conversations and supporting your clients.”

-Dave Thielen, CEO Windward Studios
Customer or vendor communication is key in shaping their satisfaction and overall experience and frequently it happens through letters. And, if you’re tired of manually creating letters that’s prone to errors and consumes your valuable time then it’s time to upgrade to our document automation software. Windward empowers you to generate thousands of personalized letters in just a few clicks.

Letter Generator Software - Use Cases

Anyone who creates communication letters on a bulk basis whether daily, weekly or monthly can take advantage of our letter generation software. For instance, insurance firms, HR teams, financial institutions, marketers, and more.
Bonus letters
Notice letters
Appointment letters
Customer welcome letters
Offer letters and more

Build Letter Templates Polished & Standardized

With Windward’s document generation software, you can create standardized letter templates that are brand-compliant (logos, fonts, colors, etc.) to make them look professional and consistent across your business operations. When creating a new letter, you can select one of the pre-approved templates and merge it with data to auto-populate the dynamic fields and automate the letter generation process in just a few clicks.

No More IT Dependence-Speed-up Client/
Customer Service

Since there’s no coding or complex process involved, you don’t have to rely on IT anymore for every small or big template changes for generating letters. Business users who are even tech-shy can generate personalized letters in a few minutes and speed up your employee, client, or customer onboarding process.
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