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Employees in most organizations generate hundreds and thousands of business documents every day in the form of contracts, proposals, financial statements, and more.

Our document automation software can save you hundreds of hours and cut 90% of drafting time in the creation of repetitive documents. Create even complex documents in minutes, you don’t have to depend on developers anymore.

Now anyone can automate documents in a snap

Try Windward for 30 days

You're 4 simple steps away from automating your documents

Step 1: Download and Install

Download your free trial (enter the license key) and install. Windward integrates with your favorite applications like MS Office Suite. (No programming involved, just a few clicks)

Step 2: Plug into Datasources

Windward can connect with one or multiple datasources including MySQL, JSON, Salesforce, SQL, OData, XML and 150 more.

Step 3: Flexible Smart Templates

Create, manage, and transform your templates into smart workflows with just minor changes and even use them as sub-templates. You can add conditional logic to them using tags (If, Else, Query, and more). So, interacting with data and having accurate, up to date content that meets compliance requirements in documents is now quick and easy.

No more template design limitations, layout restrictions, graphical spacing and complex pagination issues. Create incredibly beautiful layouts and eye-catching designs right in your familiar, user-friendly environment.

Step 4: Output

Once your template is designed, save it, and click the Output button and start automating hundreds of documents in just minutes. Windward supports a wide range of output formats including PDF, HTML, DOCX, XLSX, PowerPoint, and more.

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