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Output to BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and more...

The Bitmap is a popular format and it is highly favored for use when it comes to image-rich documents for a lot of reasons. And, Windward is here to help you get documents in a wide range of formats that includes Bitmap, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and more.

Here are the advantages of Bitmap and other similar output formats for documents:

Documents Can be Stored as BMP

If you want to store image-rich documents (that include charts and tables among others) with their original quality, you can save them as BMP with the help of Windward. This format has a high number of bits per pixel which will maintain a document in its original resolution.

GIF Format is Great for Image-Rich Documents

Most images in documents need to be compressed and GIF is a reliable format since it does not distort the quality of the images. Images in their original state and their compressed state will look the same. This output format is also good for documents that have well-defined boundaries between colors as well as for pictures with a lot of lines. The same goes with JPG format as it compresses the images and makes sharing documents a lot easier without losing any significant details

Both GIF and PNG Support Compression

If you want to compress image-rich documents and maintain the quality without any loss of data, GIF, and PNG format would be good options. PNG, however, is a bit advanced in comparison to GIF since it can support more colors than GIF.

Often documents may lose some of their original colors when the final printout is done, however with the right output format like GIF and PNG which have a wide variety of color management. GIF has 256 colors, while PNG has even more than that. This means that you can maintain the document quality without loss of color when printing. Whether you are carrying out wide-format printing or the ordinary size, the document will appear as it is supposed to.

TIFF’s Flexibility – Used on a Variety of Platforms

Using TIFF format, you can make all the image-rich documents saved this way accessible in different formats. With this format, you can even store several images on a single page. The user can also assign tags to the different images and grant approval as and when needed.

Depending on the Bitmap format chosen, there is a lot you can gain from using it while creating documents. The core advantages are the preservation of the image quality, the ability to store large amounts of data as well as the freedom to modify using a high-quality modifier. You can choose any of these output formats while creating documents in Windward.

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