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The X Factor for DOCX Reports

Most organizations wonder how to publish rich and interactive reports — alas the solution is right within their grasp! — MS Word — With Windward it’s all possible.

Whether it’s performance reports or crucial client statements, Windward empowers you to create and distribute reports right in the all-familiar DOCX format.

End-users can explore and understand data in just minutes with Windward and Word at the helm.

MS Word has been around for three decades and is a household name for many organizations worldwide and here’s how it helps you visualize data in the form of data-rich reports and documents.

By Installing Windward in MS Word:

  • You can easily design a template for your daily or weekly reports in Word and generate them in DOCX format for easy distribution
  • Even non-technical users can create report templates and connect to any data source in just a few minutes right on MS Word

So, in essence, you don’t have to learn a new reporting program or tool — you can do it right in your familiar office tool — MS Word. No more tough learning curve,as Windward eliminates this by seamlessly integrating into the Word platform as a user-friendly add-in.

If you are looking to get reports in DOCX format, then Windward is the only solution you need.

3 Smart Ways How DOCX Output Gives You the Advantage:

Smaller and Quicker — DOCX Needs Less Space and Opens up Quickly on Computers

The DOCX format is far better and shorter than its big sister DOC.  The DOCX file makes use of an advanced compression system to save its contents akin to the ZIP file. This makes your reports with a lot of images and content easy to download and share, due to the drastically reduced file size. So you can email your reports faster and get insights quicker — the power of time in today's cut-throat competitive market needs no introduction.

Stable and Secure — DOCX is Less Susceptible to File Corruption When You Share It

File corruption can happen when you share and transfer reports regularly between multiple computers and other individuals. This is of particular interest to report creators who collaborate with developers, management, and other professionals as the report makes its move to its final form. Corruption due to macro and micro viruses can occur in other formats as the file transfers frequently and changes hands.

This is because DOCX format manages pagination uniquely, applying the easy XML coding language in place of the conventional binary, and it is far less prone to corruption when it crosses hands.

Future Proof — DOCX is Portable to a Wide Range of Web-based Applications

The DOCX format is created around XML — availed in an extensive range of contemporary web applications. Besides, XML also avails CSS for formatting purposes in the document — hence it will translate to other web formats with a greater degree of precision even in the future.

As Windward's reporting technology readily embraces the full feature set of XML with CSS, the reports in DOCX format retain an even greater fidelity in the final report output.

Therefore, DOCX not only makes moving your reports to many other platforms easier today, but they will also likely continue to be an even smarter choice for use as the reporting technology emerges.

In the end, DOCX output format is one of the best out there for reading and transferring reports and Windward makes the whole process all the more user-friendly.

If you've just discovered us, we're excited. Try Windward with our 30-day free trial and start creating documents in quick time with our low/no code solutions.

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