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HTML Reports as You Want Them

  • Say goodbye to simple HTML reports, unless that's what you want.
  • Design your report in Office, and get that same stunning layout and formatting in your generated HTML reports.
  • Using the Windward Office AddIn, easily add data and conditional logic to your template.

When You Should Use Html Reports

Compared to the PDF format, the advantages of online reports can be seen in:

  • Screen-optimized presentation
  • Connecting content
  • High searchability via search engine
  • Multimedia and interactive functions.
  • Reports can be designed for mobile devices.

Windward Has the Solution for You

Here’s some good news. Even without learning IT, you can efficiently create documents and reports in HTML format easily.

Introducing Windward, the most flexible solution for all your reporting needs!

Through the years, Windward we have come up with smart solutions that works for most businesses from various sectors. This includes exporting reports in HTML.

We’re not even at the best part yet! Most report generators will require you to train and learn an entirely new application. If you are working in a fast-paced environment in your business organization, this is not practical. So, unlike most report generators, Windward will let you work in your favorite application while empowering it with incredible report generation features right inside it! It’s more like a plugin that you can insert in your program.

This means that your favorite application will have more features that will make it more powerful in generating documents and reports, the notable one being the ability to export it into HTML format!

How Windward Works

Another good thing about Windward is that the process is extremely simple. Just install it in your application as a plugin and you are literally done! Once installed, Windward can now let you pull the pertinent information from your databases like XML, JSON, and SQL, design it in your application, and then use Windward to properly export it into HTML format.

The key here is familiarity. Windward believes that you can be more efficient at creating documents and reports when you are familiar with the tools you are using. So, whether it is MS Office or other design tools, Windward can work seamlessly with it.

Databases and HTML are technical. This is why people in the organization expect expert developers to deal with the reports when it involves these elements. However, with Windward’s reporting wizards, even those who are not knowledgeable in IT can make the reports without worrying about messing with codes. Finally, the best advantage you can get with Windward is its ability to combine data from different data sources and put them in one file. This means that you do not have to manually create the same reports for different data sets.


Exporting your reports in HTML is advantageous. Here are a few reasons why:

  • HTML is perfect if you want your reports to be properly viewable in any screen size. This is important if your business accesses your files in smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.
  • If you maintain a website or a cloud server, adding your reports there is much faster if you add it in HTML format.
  • If you are planning to make your reports public, HTML format allows high search ability in different search engines.

About Windward

Windward has become the go-to company for many businesses in terms of document and report generation. We have been around for more than ten years. Because of our amazing reporting and document generation solutions, big industry names have come to work with us and availed of our solutions. We are here to help you make HTML reports without any hassles!

If you've just discovered us, we're excited. Try Windward with our 30-day free trial and start creating documents in quick time with our low/no code solutions.

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