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Creating Data-Rich Documents in CSV, RTF, and TXT

CSV, RFT, and TXT are commonly used formats for storing and sharing documents. With Windward, you can get documents in any of these three formats. Here are the practical advantages of these output formats so you can decide which one to use to create your document and manage data (whether it is for generating reports or sharing documents on the go).

Benefits of CSV Output Format

  • It is easy to implement even for first-time users
  • It offers manual editing and it can be read without having to decode the text
  • It is a quick format
  • It is compatible with multiple applications
  • Generating CSV documents are easy
  • Unlike Excel that needs start and end tags, CSV only needs a column header
  • You can use any text editor to open CSV files — for example, Word, Notepad, Excel and so on
  • Small and compact

Benefits of RTF Output Format

  • Rich text format is intended to provide a uniting language for different word operating systems but still provides a wide selection of styles and formats
  • RTF does not accept macros so that means it also cannot be infected by the common macros virus which has affected many computers when they share DOC files
  • In the publishing world, it is a good format for editing since it retains formats giving document editors more focus on content instead of formatting
  • It takes up less space since it cannot contain complex data like macro text. This makes it a good format if you are trying to save memory space or downloading from the internet

Benefits of TXT Output Format

  • It can be easily transferred from one operating system to another, it does not matter what system is being used, this is the most portable format for all your text-based documents
  • One of the most practical and straightforward formats that you can start using even without any guides about how it works
  • Compatible with every system and does not need a special app to use it
  • Text is great for creating content as well as editing it with ease
  • They are very light files and can be easily shared on email and stored on mobile devices without worrying about space

Depending on the type of document or report you are creating using Windward document generation tool, any of these three can be ideal for the purpose you want it to serve. They are all user-friendly and effective for creating data-rich documents.

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