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Make Creating Documents in PostScript Effortless

PostScript is globally used as a printing and imaging standard. Publishers and document creators use it to print image-rich documents along with the text. Integration of PostScript with multiple devices and technology is seamless and the result is of high quality. No wonder, over 75 percent of the world’s printing devices use PostScript to come up with high-quality documents.

Windward can make creating documents in PostScript effortless. The benefits of the PostScript output format are listed below:

Excellent Quality- From the get-go, PostScript was intended to be a flawless printing system which can work with multiple color management systems. This makes the quality of the final document excellent.

When you compare how a document appears on the screen and what you end up with when you print, you realize the quality is the same, that is why magazine and brochure publishers use PostScript globally. The same applies to the different business documents you intend to print.

File Independence – It is independent of the device that is used to create it, this means you do not have to worry about the compatibility of devices since the language used in the document transcends devices so any printer can be used to print the documents.

Networking – Many organizations depend on networked devices to carry out their business. PostScript is the ideal solution for networking, it does not matter what kind of device is involved since the system acts as a translator for all the devices so that documents can be shared and printed from anywhere.

Printing Regardless of Source – Whether one receives an email or CD which contain documents, it is still possible to print them using PostScript, you can even download documents off the internet and not worry whether they can be printed, because they will be.

Color Management – Many programs may find it hard to deal with multiple colors, but this one does not, it doesn’t matter how many colors it needs to deal with, it will effectively manage them.

Code Modification – Modification of the codes for PostScript is simple, even if you do not have the technical knowledge, you can still adjust the codes to suit the kind of printing you want to do, for example having outlines of a table of data with thicker lines than those inside the table.

Consistency – When you are using PostScript, you are assured of consistency no matter what device you are using. An Apple PC will produce the same quality as a Windows computer or Android device.

In fact, PostScript provides a great solution for better quality printouts with less or no compatibility problems even if there is a large network of computers linked to the printer. You can even have different formatting styles and still print with ease. With Windward at the helm, the user has more control over what they print and how it turns out and they can even optimize the print environment with memory compression and more.

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