The Amazing Combination of C# and Windward

Windward enables C# developers to create high-quality reports and documents with ease. Windward is an extensible and versatile .NET document generation and reporting system.It provides easy solutions for enterprises and ISVs who are looking to embed reporting systems into their processes. Additionally, Windward’s solution is unlike any other. It is easy and intuitive that even non-technical people can use it without any problem.

In reality, many document generation systems are so technical and there is not much room for extensive designing of the templates. Business operations are very dynamic and it will eventually need an intuitive reporting platform that will give the end-user a wide range of customization options to enable quick and easy revision of the templates.

Considering this, Windward has enabled template designing through Microsoft Office.Windward lets C# developers to easily and intuitively design insurance policies, budget reports, bank statements, and portfolio statements without having to go through a rigorous process. Here are a couple of features that Windward’s solution brings:

Windward’s Solution

Windward understands that not everyone involved in a business organization is skilled and knowledgeable in the technical aspects of their IT environment such as programming languages like C#. This is why Windward offers a tool that will enable the non-technical staff to create reports from applications built in a language like C#.

This is possible because of Windward’s Java, .NET, and RESTful engines. These engines can seamlessly sit within your process without interference. When Windward is already there in your system, the non-technical staff can then utilize the Report Design Tool of Windward to make report templates using the more familiar environment of Microsoft Office.

To date, here are some of the programming languages that can work seamlessly with Windward:

This list is not all inclusive. Take note that Windward is very flexible and can work with the majority of programming languages out there.

Primarily,the C# programming language will call the .NET engine by default because it is the tool that is most compatible with it. But, this does not mean it cannot call the other Windward engines. C# can also call the RESTful engine depending on your specific needs.

When all of the integrations between Windward and the programming language is setup, the organization is now ready to generate reports through the easy add-on tool that sits right inside the environment of Microsoft Office.

About Windward

For more than a decade, Windward has continued to serve different business organizations, big or small, providing them with the best and most efficient solutions when it comes to reporting generation. The company understands that an organization will have a founding system with their specific data sources and programming languages.

This is why they created tools that are very flexible and can make report generation easy no matter what resources they use.

For over 10 years, Windward has lead the industry with our world-class document generation platform that creates visually stunning, data-powered documents designed exactly the way users want and are created in a fraction of the time and cost compared to existing solutions. Proudly located in Boulder, Colorado, Windward Studios is the premier solution for developers and business users adding reporting and document generation capabilities to their applications in over 70 countries around the world.


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