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Create Quick Reports with Java Using Windward

Windward is a document generation and reporting tool that is primarily written using Java. Furthermore, it is founded upon the Java runtime which allows the users to extract data and present them in a wide range of formats and structures such as free-form documents, tables, charts, and other visual elements. Windward also supports the creation of paginated reports that can be output to familiar formats such as PDF, XLSX, DOCX, and PPTX. It can also be output straight to the printer.

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Java is very powerful and provides programmers an opportunity to code freely. Windward gives you the opportunity to design powerful, data-based templates. Because Windward runs on Java, it's super fast and won't hinder the operations of your application.

The power of Windward stems back to its Designer, which works as an add-in to Microsoft Office. There are many amazing software programs out there like IntelliJ and Eclipse, which are really powerful tools to do your coding. But, they are not that efficient when it comes to report generation because of the limitations in its ability to freely design and visualize data. This is why GUI’s like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are better solutions because they provide a lot more features and the efficiency of creating reports is higher.

Windwared has a Java EE architecture. Document automation and report development through Java does not necessarily need a lot of integrations that will cost a fortune. Windward has the capacity to be embedded in other apps. Moreover, it is fully customizable and has a wide Java API set that makes integration seamless, making it one of the best java reporting tools in the market.

If you've just discovered us, we're excited. Try Windward with our 30-day free trial and start creating documents in quick time with our low/no code solutions.

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