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VB.NET and Windward: The Ideal Combination for Document Generation

Windward helps VB.Net developers build portfolio statements, budget reports, bank statements, and insurance policies without the complicated aspects of the programming language getting in the way.

Windward is a reporting and document generation system that is so versatile. It provides amazing solutions for those who want to use it for embedding.

If you look for other document generation systems out there, you would notice how most of them are so technical and rigorous. Moreover, they do not allow a lot of freedom and options in designing the templates that you want.

The dynamics of a business can change on a daily basis. This will eventually need reports and documents that will provide the report consumers with straightforward and easy options to customize and revise the templates. The key here is flexibility.

The solution that Windward provides is letting you design your templates using Microsoft Office. While Visual Studio is a very good IDE, it is not really that friendly to report designers, especially those that do not have a lot of technical knowledge. Actually, even the most technical people will say that it is much better and faster to create reports and documents with the MS Office applications.

Here are a few advantages you can get with Windward’s tools:

  • Unlimited choices in creating templates out of thousands of layouts available
  • Remember that you are still using Microsoft Office and there are a lot of features with the Office applications that lets you create many designs
  • Append your data using different data sources such as XML, JSON, ADO.NET, or OData. Moreover, you can also use different data sources and combine them in one file
  • Because the work is done in a familiar environment like Microsoft Office, the job can be achieved by non-technical users while developers can focus on coding
  • The design phase does not involve code changing so it saves a lot of time in the process

Innovative Reporting Solutions from Windward

Windward fully understands that there are people in the organization that are not that technical-savvy. Also, the company understands that a developer needs to focus on coding and they cannot afford to be the one doing the report generation.

So, Windward has created a tool that will let anyone in the business organization generate documents without dealing with the technical aspects of VB.NET. It works because of the Java, .NET, and RESTful engines of Windward. The engines, when implemented, will smoothly become a part of the process. When it does, anyone can just use Windward’s AutoTag Design Tool to create templates for reports and documents using MS Office applications.

These engines are fully compatible with the following languages:

  • C++
  • C#
  • Visual Basic
  • Visual F#
  • VB.NET
  • COM
  • VB6
  • Java
  • Jython
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • PHP

But, take note that there are a lot more programming languages out there and Windward can still be compatible with them.

The VB.NET language will primarily call the .NET engine as a default. However, there are instances where you can set it to call the RESTful engine. When this is all set-up, Windward’s tool can be added to MS Office to enable limitless report designing capabilities.

About Windward

Windward has already been serving the reporting business industry for over ten years now. We are focused on providing solutions in terms of report generation and designing. Windward fully understands that some businesses are built on top of programming languages as a foundation.

Hence, we have created tools that are versatile and can be integrated into any application or platform with ease. Through the years, Windward continues to make improvements and providing better solutions to make reporting process easier and efficient.

If you've just discovered us, we're excited. Try Windward with our 30-day free trial and start creating documents in quick time with our low/no code solutions.

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