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The Power of Windward Report Designer—In Your Browser!

Document Designers and Report Creators can now use their favorite browser application to create and edit beautiful data-powered documents. No need to install and manage desktop applications or plug-ins. The server components can be called from your own SaaS or Web-based applications for seamless integration and require only a standard web server (Microsoft IIS) and come with everything you need to output your reports and manage connections to your file storage systems and font libraries. 

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Online Edition’s design environment is browser-based, so report creators can now use their favorite browser application to create and edit beautiful data-powered documents.

  • Ideal for SaaS and Web-based applications
  • Familiar document layout and design tools
  • Connect to multiple data sources and data types in a single document
  • No installation required. Creators and editors can use their existing Web browser
  • Supports multiple users simultaneously
  • High-performance output for ad-hoc and batch processing
  • Compatible with Report Designer Office Edition (formerly AutoTag). So users can edit templates that were created with Windward’s Microsoft® Word add-ins
"Compared to systems where both layout and data must be coded, as we did before, the process of creating a report is at least 5 times faster."
Michael Bjerregaard Pedersen, Backbone Digital Systems

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Microsoft IIS
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For over 10 years Windward has been making software that allows business users and developers to create data-powered reports, proposals, statements, and more within Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint environments with scalable high-performance output engines written for .NET, Java, and RESTful applications. Windward is proudly located in Boulder, Colorado serving over 70 countries around the world.


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