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High-Performance Reporting Software

Windward Studios' reporting and document automation software is designed to be embedded into any application for automated report generation and data analysis. The Windward solution (one of the best reporting software on the market) consists of an easy-to-use free-form Report Designer and powerful Report Engine that connects your data and document templates for high-performance output and data analysis. Enterprises and OEM Software publishers around the world choose Windward's solution to add best-in-class, real-time reporting capabilities to their applications—at a fraction of the cost of custom development. At the end of the day, customized, interactive reports help inform decision making and drive business intelligence forward.

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Free-Form Design Control

Process in Windward

High-Performance Output

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Report Designer

Windward's Report Designer is a free-form design environment available as a Microsoft Office add-in for Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Both developers and business users can easily create and edit data visualization templates in a fraction of the time it takes with other reporting tools.

  • Data-powered Office documents
  • Unmatched design and layout control
  • Connect to multiple datasources and types
  • Reduce time-consuming design and collaboration
  • Automate reports or create them in real-time
Report Designer
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Report Engine

Windward's Report Engine is a set of embeddable code libraries that can be integrated within your existing application. It comes in three varieties: JAVA, .NET and RESTful. Report Engine connects your Report Designer templates with your datasources for high-performance output, on-premise output.

  • Small footprint inside your application
  • Seamless integration with a few lines of code
  • Support for output to all popular formats
  • Fast and scaleable reporting platform
Report Engine
Money bag

Added Value

Windward’s embedded solutions provide best-of-breed document automation and data visualization capabilities at a fraction of the cost and time of custom or DIY development. And the familiar and powerful design environment—Microsoft Office—reduces custom template development time by more than 50%. That's money in the bank!

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Convenience in Real-Time

Windward’s reporting engines can be embedded in most existing applications by copy/pasting only a few lines of code while beautiful and sophisticated report templates can be created and edited by business users and developers alike. Piece of cake!

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Fits Your Business Needs

There are lots of reporting solutions on the market. Only a few are designed for document output, fewer still offer stand-alone and embeddable solutions, and only Windward combines all that with high-performance output. Visualizing business data has never been easier with unmatched free-form design control. From raw files in SQL to beautiful interactive HTML or PDF outputs, Windward delivers the perfect reporting solution.

Document Automation for high volume output and a familiar user-friendly design environment

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