Windward Core vs. Windward Hub

Which is the best solution for your needs?

Determining whether our Core or Hub solution is the best for your company depends on your needs. Both of these document automation solutions include our Designer, which is the magic that makes Windward an amazing choice.

When to Choose Windward Core: If you have your own application and you want to add automatic document generation to your application (i.e. embed), then Windward Core is what you need. This provides you an API where you pass in a template and datasource(s) and it returns a generated document.

In this case, all template & generated document management, scheduling, etc. is on you. What the Core does efficiently is convert template+datasource(s) into a document using your business logic.

When to Choose Windward Hub: If from an API you also want template & document management, scheduling, dispatching, etc., then Windward Hub is what you need. Hub is a pre-built UI & SaaS solution provided through our hosted website where you set up your document automation in your browser.

If you want a complete document automation solution, then Windward Hub is what you need. This is a sign up and use, no programmers required, complete document automation solution. It gives you the ability to manage your templates, schedule & on demand generate documents, and save & dispatch those generated documents.

Another way to illustrate the difference, Windward Hub is built on top of Windward Core.

Windward Core

Windward Hub

Design templates with Windward Designer
Runs out of the box
No (You need to embed it in your application with just 11 lines of code)
Template Manager, Scheduler, Dispatcher
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