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Hub is our newest product, comprised of two components: Designer and Hub Platform. Hub allows you to design stunning templates and output data-rich documents. You just need to signup once to enjoy easy template management, scheduling future reports, and generate documents on-demand.


Create Custom Documents with the Right Visuals Every Time.

We know it's disappointing spending countless hours designing a template only to have the final results fall short of expectations. Windward offers free-form design control with our Designer so you can create your templates exactly the way you envision them. The only limit is your imagination!

Design your templates in the already-familiar Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, & PowerPoint) before uploading them to your central Hub. Schedule your output to universal formats such as HTML or PDF.

Learn more about Designer here.


A Ground-Breaking, Turnkey Document Automation Solution

Windward Hub is the comprehensive, hosted solution you need to generate, manage, and share all of your documents and reports with the click of a button. Windward provides streamlined production of contracts,proposals, sales collateral, and much more. Output accurate and error-free documents every time.

Windward Hub centralizes your template creation process. No more emailing files back and forth or messy versioning workarounds. In the Windward Hub portal, you can view up to date versions of your document templates: one location for managing templates across the entire document automation process means more time savings and fewer mistakes. No more cut and paste—no more incorrect data—no more human error.

No document or report exists in a vacuum: with files that need to be generated and delivered together,Windward Hub can help easily manage your complex output requirements. The tried-and-true Windward Engine handles document generation in Hub, providing the most accurate output in the industry for the last 10 years.

Along with all these benefits, Windward Hub is a turnkey solution. To minimize the difficulties of setting up document automation, Windward Hub is a SaaS solution. The only barrier between you and best-in-class document automation is a subscription!
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Contact Us About Hub

Core vs Hub

Not sure which solution is the best one for your team?
Learn more about our solutions in a Core vs Hub comparison

Product Integrations

Salesforce and other CRM applications lack the ability to output well-formatted documents. With the support of Windward Hub's connector, you and your end-users can enjoy more powerful document automation capabilities with enhanced outputs—natively in your favorite apps.  With over 150 apps supported, Windward helps you add amazing visual elements and conditional logic to create and generate more attractive and informative documents. And for a few (Dynamics, JIRA, NetSuite, Salesforce, & SharePoint), Windward provides a version of Hub that seamlessly integrates Windward’s full solution directly into the application.


Base Functionality

  • On-demand document generation
  • Scheduling, batch processing, routing, & delivery
  • Authentication & authorization
  • Template management like versioning and change/review comments
  • Team admin management
  • Design in a familiar environment: Microsoft Word, Excel, & PowerPoint
  • Pull data from multiple datasources and apps simultaneously

Salesforce Solution

  • Ad-hoc output from inside Salesforce
  • Integrated authentication for Salesforce
  • Input parameter mapping

Enterprise Solution

  • Batch builder & scheduler
  • Output delivery
  • Email


Native Integration

Windward makes high-quality document automation available to all.  Our platform connects to your favorite workflow management tools and is easy to implement, connect, manage, and extend. Simpler sure is better!


Windward provides adaptable services available individually or in an entire platform.  Hub is available as SaaS or dedicated hosting.  No document automation solution is one-size-fits-all—and Windward always has the perfect solution for your team.


Hub continues Windward’s no-code/low-code legacy — which enables citizen developers to build complicated high-tech systems and design their own templates.  Hub natively integrates into over 150 applications, allowing you to leverage the power of Windward Designer and Engine in a sleek new program.

The Windward Family

If what you need is a solution tightly integrated into you application, the Windward Core product may be a better fit for your needs. If you are unsure which is better, read our feature comparison between Hub & Core.

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