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Windward Hub

Your complete document automation solution in one place.
We created Windward Hub for clients who didn’t have software, code, or developers to extend with our solution. It’s two decades worth of development and expertise wrapped in one easy-to-use application. Now, everyone can have access to the amazing power of Windward document automation and design.

The right visuals with the right data—quickly & easily.

Create it. Deliver it. Feel awesome about it.
Whatever you want to create, Windward Designer can do it. By far the most flexible tool for creating templates that are exactly what you want. Combine Windward Designer with Windward Hub (it comes with it), and you have robust performance that will exceed your wildest expectations.
No code
Merge templates with data from multiple datasources
Versioning, scheduled delivery, batch output, routing, and much more
SaaS solution means you are up and running in minutes
Native integration with your favorite SaaS applications and over 1800 apps via Zapier
Generate documents in DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, HTML, and many many more formats
Full document automation for all your needs from a single location
Windward Designer brings you all the layout and format of Microsoft Office
Template Management

Streamlines production, improves collaboration.

All your document automation is in one place for easy management and use across your entire process.
Windward Hub is the comprehensive, hosted solution you need to generate, manage, and share all of your documents with the click of a button or on an event. Windward provides streamlined production of contracts, proposals, sales collateral, insurance policies, loan documents, pharma reports, and much more.

Enjoy seamless integrations.

Windward Hub connects to more than 1800 applications.
You likely already have SaaS tools and applications you use in your workflow. And we have both the native and Zapier powered integrations to enhance your document workflow automation. Integrations include Salesforce, MS Dynamics, JIRA, Workday, HubSpot, NetSuite, Airtable, JotForm, and just about every other popular application.
See all supported applications

Robust performance. No code.

Most other template design tools require coding, developers, and a superhuman amount of patience.
Typically, you would write code to structure the formatting and layout, insert data, and implement conditional logic in the template. Then, after you tap your developer to code a base template, there are often small changes and adjustments that can eat up even more of a developer’s time.  It’s all time consuming and expensive.

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Windward makes it quick, easy, and cost efficient.

The Windward Designer plugs directly into Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) enabling you to leverage Microsoft Office’s extensive formatting and layout capabilities with no coding. Formatting and inserting data and conditional logic becomes quick and easy actions performed in Microsoft Office, which you probably already have so there’s no additional purchase necessary, saving you both time and money.

When accuracy and speed matter, Windward Hub comes through for any industry or department.

We can’t list every type of business or activity. (Besides, lists are boring.) But if you want to see more examples, we have them.
Sales: Create compelling individualized collateral
Lending: Build detailed loan documents
Insurance: Build complete insurance policies
Finance: Create complex portfolio statements
HR: Generate all individual paperwork from letters to benefit statements
Pharmacovigilance: Ensure reports match strict compliance requirements
More use cases

And makes ANY document better. We think you get the idea.

If you can imagine it, you can make it with Windward.
Loan agreements
HR letters
Compliance documents & reports
PowerPoint quarterly reports
Bills & Invoices
Marriage licenses
More document types

Windward Hub Love.

"We love the ability to design templates within Microsoft Office, because of how simple it is."
— Mike Horrocks, VP of Product Management at Baker Hill
You won't need training, because you design and edit templates within an already-familiar platform: Microsoft Office.
"It allows us to create multiple documents in rapid fashion saving both time and money."
— Valerie King Bailey, CEO at OTG
Using tags like forEach, if, switch, out, chart, and many others you can insert conditions that let you quickly dial in and dial up all your docs.
“We saw an increase of 70% efficiency as a result of leveraging Windward versus the old platform.“
— Hit Mistry, VP at PSC Group, LLC
With Windward you will design templates in 1/10th the time required in other solutions.

Yes! I want Windward Hub.

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