Salesforce Teams Prefer Windward Hub

Create and send your sales documents within Salesforce CRM in one click.
Upgrade Salesforce with Windward Hub and streamline how sales teams design, customize, and generate professional-looking proposals within minutes. No developers required, just log in and go. It’s backed by two decades worth of industry experience and development wrapped in an easy-to-use application.
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The right visuals with the right data—quickly & easily.

Create it. Deliver it. Feel awesome about it.
Whatever sales document you look to create within your Salesforce CRM, with Windward Designer your sales team can create it – quickly & easily. Windward is by far the most adaptable and responsive tool for building templates just the way you need without any limitations. Windward Designer comes with Hub so you have robust performance that will transcend your expectations.
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Not Low Code/No Code, simply No Code
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Merge templates with data from Salesforce CRM
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Versioning, scheduled delivery, batch output, routing, and a lot more
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SaaS solution means you are up and running in minutes
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Native integration with your Salesforce application
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Generate documents in DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, HTML, and many many more formats
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Complete document automation right within Salesforce environment
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Windward Designer brings you all the format and layout of MS Office
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Streamlines production, improves collaboration.

All your document automation is in one place for easy management and use across your entire document automation process.
Get rid of repetitive copying/pasting of customer information into sales documents when you have Windward Hub integrated with Salesforce — start sending docs in just a click. So less time building document templates from scratch every time and more time focusing on business growth with the best-in-class CRM document automation software.

Engage workflow that works.

Make it super simple for your sales team to generate and send documents all within the Salesforce CRM. A seamless end-to-end workflow automates document-related tasks and keeps your team producing custom collateral and proposals at incredible speed.

Stop creating documents from scratch and start closing.

With Windward Hub integrated (absolutely no coding required), benefit from creating all deal-related negotiations and conversations that include contracts, proposals, agreements, and more right within the Salesforce environment.
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Windward makes it quick, easy, and cost efficient.

The Windward Designer plugs directly into Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) enabling you to leverage Microsoft Office’s extensive formatting and layout capabilities with no coding. Formatting and inserting data and conditional logic becomes quick and easy actions performed in Microsoft Office, which you probably already have so there’s no additional purchase necessary, saving you both time and money.

Save time for every quote and contract.

Hub’s integration with Salesforce allows your team to quickly create sales quotes, contracts and more by simply choosing the information they would like to see even from custom fields and not just the default fields in the CRM. Hub pulls up to date data from Salesforce into documents, so your team can generate error-free sales documents in just minutes.

Your one-stop-shop for closing opportunities — Touch your optimal productivity level.

Hub can help your sales team to automatically populate the template with the best data sync capabilities including account name, product information, pricing, contract start/end dates, among others (even if the opportunities details change in the CRM, all it takes is a click to do the document update with current information).

Windward Hub Love.

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"We love the ability to design templates within Microsoft Office, because of how simple it is."
— Mike Horrocks, VP of Product Management at Baker Hill
You won't need training, because you design and edit templates within an already-familiar platform: Microsoft Office.
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"It allows us to create multiple documents in rapid fashion saving both time and money."
— Valerie King Bailey, CEO at OTG
Using tags like forEach, if, switch, out, chart, and many others you can insert conditions that let you quickly dial in and dial up all your docs.
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“We saw an increase of 70% efficiency as a result of leveraging Windward versus the old platform.“
— Hit Mistry, VP at PSC Group, LLC
With Windward you will design templates in 1/10th the time required in other solutions.
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