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Automate Document Generation with Consistent Output

Do your documents need to meet strict output standards?

"...with support for DOCX, PDF, printer, and many more output types, Windward can provide output in all of the formats users require."

Automating generation of documents that require consistent output can be a slippery slope when attempted with the wrong software. Many of Windward’s customers previously struggled with generating consistent documents; their output formatting was unpredictable, and ultimately, unacceptable. For many companies, no matter how carefully they design their document templates, the output doesn’t closely enough match the template. Even with simple formatting, output documents that vary slightly from the template might fail to meet the required standards. Strict output standards also require advanced formatting features that cannot be achieved in the majority of templating tools, and with the tools that can accommodate the required formatting, users are often forced to code their templates.

Windward exists to enable our customers to quickly implement changes they require with little to no coding needed. This motivation drove us to create software that appealed perfectly to the requirements of automating robust and reliable documents. The Windward Designer is a plugin for Microsoft Word, allowing our customers to design templates with very precise formatting, and all with no code! Advanced formatting tools in Word do all of the heavy lifting, and not only does the output look great, users are already adjusted and capable at using Word to create any kind of documents they desire. Windward includes other tools that appeal to effective template design like Windward PODs that allow customers to re-use sections of documents they already designed instead of starting from scratch. Windward Designer also gives users the ability to set up in-template conditional logic, allowing one document to dynamically include or exclude sub-templates. Finally, with support for DOCX, PDF, printer, and many more output types, Windward can provide output in all of the formats users require.

With the right document automation standing behind you, meeting requirements becomes a breeze. Templates are precise and reliable, and the time necessary to design templates is seriously reduced. Document output is driven by the powerful Windward Engine, which, across three flavors, can be embedded into applications written in almost every programming language. Finally, with an alternative option of a standalone solution, customers who do not have applications to embed into still get to leverage all of the power of the Windward solution for their documents.

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