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Automating Pharmacovigilance Reporting

We realize what started out as a pilot project in the early 1960s (due to the Thalidomide disaster) now has over 130 member countries participating in PharmaCovigilance. Furthermore, with the utilization of automation solutions in the safety case process along with reporting, life sciences firms and pharmaceutical companies have more resources to concentrate on integral pharmacovigilance procedures. And, as visionary technology companies, you wish to offer the best AI platform and solutions that deal with Pharmacovigilance.

Windward can be a core part of your Pharmacovigilance software as a reporting automation tool and further enhance your platform.

Why Choose Windward to Integrate into Your Pharmacovigilance AI Solution?

Windward Understands the Industry Better

We know from WHO reports that adverse reaction to drugs is the fifth leading cause of death in the country. With the modern trend of patients seeking more information about medication safety and treatments, it is increasingly important that pharmacovigilance is given diligent attention. Organizations involved in providing medical care need to put in place strict measures to monitor, assess, document and avoid the extreme impact of medication as well as enforce regulatory conformity to minimize patient risk.

In short, we know and understand where your clients stand in this aspect and how your AI solutions can transform their compliance and safety aspects. We can be a great value-addition to your sophisticated automation platform to create better quality reports.

Demands of a Dynamic World

With the current crop of informed patients who have more access to information along with pressures from regulators as well as the trends on social media, there will be an inevitable surge in the volume of data processed concerning drug safety in the next few years.

Without undermining the importance of compliance with regulations and safety of patients, your clients need to give increased attention to risk management. It is possible to reduce the amount of time and resources that go into documenting safety cases. Report automation by Windward can minimize resource involvement in safety case processing, thus enabling more resources to be directed towards other aspects of your platform.

Automation of Case Safety Report Generation

Since the majority of systems are unable to auto-generate reports, technology companies can take up Windward to automate the extraction of data used to create reports.

The moment data extraction from the source along with verification is complete, Windward can automate the process of reporting.

Not only will it eliminate errors, but it will also cut the processing time by half and improve the efficiency of your AI solution by as much as 90 percent!

Improving Pharmacovigilance Solutions

Using Windward to automate the reporting process of your Pharmacovigilance AI solution will do more than just reduce costs or quicken the process of safety case processing, it also adds to the accuracy and quality of the reports.

Windward’s reporting solution presents a new era in the pharmacovigilance solutions world.

Our reporting software will blend seamlessly into your product and limit expenses while improving the quality of reports so that your experts can put more focus on attracting new clients.

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